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Shades Of Midnight (2009)

Shades of Midnight (2009)

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0440245265 (ISBN13: 9780440245261)

About book Shades Of Midnight (2009)

This was a good book. Kade is a sexy hot man and Alexandra is a basically scared woman running from her past. This was not my favorite book in the series. Although the characters were likeable, there wasn't a whole lot to recommend them, in my opinion. I like my men big, hot, and a little domineering and protective. While Cade was big and hot, he fell a little short on the protection and domineering side. The love scenes were good, but Kade could have used a little more take charge in the sack, if you know what I mean. A little rough and tumble and some torn panties would have given a little more sizzle to the pages. It definitely had a different feel than the other books in the series. The setting was different and the vibe definintely had me questioning if there is a change coming to the story. I have a feeling that things are going to spice up for the reader, so I doubt there is any reason to worry about these books following a predictable path and boring the reader by repeating the same story line over and over again. I think things are just starting to get interesting... Took me awhile to finish this one, not due to the story but due to my life has been busy...really enjoyed Kade's story and the fact that we were introduced to his other family as well and to a breed mate who had an inkling of the breed but never really believed it herself. Very curious as to how her friend Jennifer will fit into the story and why the Ancient kept her alive....cannot wait for the next one!

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Loooooooooooed this story so much!!!! Such a great book and i CANNOT wait for the next on

The storyline on this books is too slow for me. .

This is my favorite book so far in the series.

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