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Dangerous To Know & Love (2013)

Dangerous to Know & Love (2013)

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0957496168 (ISBN13: 9780957496163)
Harvey Berrick Publishing

About book Dangerous To Know & Love (2013)

I-LOVE-IT. One of my favorite books EVER! I read it some months ago, not expecting much, thinking this would be just another young adult love story... wrong! The first time I ended it, I just wanted more and more of Daniel, his story is so heart-braking, but so beautiful and admiring. I was enchanted with the love the main characters shared, and hers family made me laugh and feel so proud them even if I don't really know them. Well, they're not real, but whatever.I read it once again a few weeks ago, just to see if it was as good as I remember. I think it was so much better. Each time I became aware of the blesses I have, of the love in my life, and expected to find someaone like Daniel to share my life wirh him.This book was just so... perfect. This book was absolutely AMAZING and I would recommend that everyone read it! A story about Lisanne, a small town girl who finds her independence and grows into a woman while off at college and away from home for the first time and Daniel, a broody guy who has a huge secret that he keeps from the world. Lis is able to break through the highly erected walls that Daniel has constructed in order to protect himself from feeling the pity of others and it is no wonder that the friendship that they start with turns into so much more. I loved the relationship that they have and that the words that are heard in the silences between them are the most powerful! This author had a way of allowing the reader to almost feel the emotions of Daniel and Lis, like I was standing right next to them experiencing each situation as it unfolded. I cannot wait to read more by this fantastic author!

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Mucho de lo mismo, pasable para días sin mucho por hacer y necesitar cierta distracción.

Lo ame totalmente aunque tiene un poco de similitud con Maybe someday

3.5 stars. Nice twist.

3.5 to 4 stars


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