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Megan Hart

Megan Hart
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Books by Megan Hart


Fragili e preziose (2012)

Rarely do I finish a book and 1. call a therapist or 2. curl into a ball and cry...this one evoked some rare feelings. Megan's writing is stellar, and despite the difficult subject matter, she captured intense emotions from beginning to end. I couldn't start another book for several days after ...

Fragili e preziose (2012) by Megan Hart

Precious and Fragile Things (2010)

I'm only rating this a four because of how high my blood pressure was reading a lot of this book. I absolutely LOVE the way Megan Hart tells a story. Every single word doesn't have to have a double meaning yet it's obvious how much she thinks into her characters and storylines. I could not help b...

Precious and Fragile Things (2010) by Megan Hart

Et bien plus si affinités (2011)

Hot and sexy short story. Melissa and Matt need money: She needs it to survive a few months and he needs it for spring-break with his frat buddies. They come across a great deal: $1000 to participate in a psych experiment, no more details offered. Soon they find out it's a week-long experiment to...

Et bien plus si affinités (2011) by Megan Hart

Indecent Experiment (2011)

I truly enjoyed this book. For once there is no alpha male forcing himself on the heroine or the heroine denying her attraction. This was a straight forward process of attraction growing between the main characters.Through the experiment they get to know one another and yet not really being forc...

Indecent Experiment (2011) by Megan Hart

Sei. Solo. Mia. 12 piccole sfumature (2012)

This book is a collection of erotic tales, underlined with BDSM theams. All the stories are by different authors who have a reputation of writing sinfully erotic stories. This book was everything I read about in the reviews and more. Although the book started off without a back story and finis...

Sei. Solo. Mia. 12 piccole sfumature (2012) by Megan Hart

Pleasure and Purpose (2009)

Three wonderful stories of handmaidens from the Order of Solace.Edward finds his solace in Stillness. Her submissive nature and her love gives Eward back his ability to be who he really is, kind, caring and dominant. Stillness helps him forgive himself for his part in a horrible accident that h...

Pleasure and Purpose (2009) by Megan Hart

the favor by megan hart (2013)

Reading another review that told me the book was fiction was helpful - some of the Megan Hart books I've read have delved a bit more in the erotic side of things and this one does not explore that genre.This book was a really good story, well written and kept me reading to find out about the favo...

the favor by megan hart (2013) by Megan Hart

The Favor (2013)

While this multi-layered story does have glimpses of romance, it is most definitely not a romance. What it is however, is a roller coaster ride of emotions, full of flawed, damaged characters, secrets, family, unresolved issues; in short, life. The author uses the writing technique of flashbacks ...

The Favor (2013) by Megan Hart

Sconosciuti (2014)

I enjoyed the book but felt like the main character was trying too hard to prove something. That she could be a 'player' like lots of men? Or maybe that she didn't need or want anything but sex. Parts of the book felt like she was attempting to live out a fantasy but other parts were more hard, m...

Sconosciuti (2014) by Megan Hart

No Greater Pleasure (2009)

Gabriel Delessan sends for a handmaiden and I am not really sure why? At the beginning of this book, Tranquilla Caden the Handmaiden of the order of Solace seems to have a time trying to figure out just exactly what it is that Gabriel wants of her. Apparently he has sent for her to help with his ...

No Greater Pleasure (2009) by Megan Hart

Dirty (2007)

Initial reaction: I read this all in the span of a day. I'm still trying to put together my thoughts and the rating's tentative, but it's very likely this is going to end up being 4.5 stars (provided that I think about how it ended and whether or not it dragging its feet a little in the end is e...

Dirty (2007) by Megan Hart

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