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No Greater Pleasure (2009)

No Greater Pleasure (2009)

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0425229815 (ISBN13: 9780425229811)
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Gabriel Delessan sends for a handmaiden and I am not really sure why? At the beginning of this book, Tranquilla Caden the Handmaiden of the order of Solace seems to have a time trying to figure out just exactly what it is that Gabriel wants of her. Apparently he has sent for her to help with his work because that is really where she seems to spend her time. She does clean the quarters that he does work in. She does spend a little time getting to know his son and brother, but this man's soul is guilty. His wife is mad from taking poison. His work as an alchemist allowed her to be around his lab. She took a poison, thinking it would just make her sick, but it just about killed her, and it left her mad. So Quilla's job is to give Gabriel solace from his guilt.This book was a little slow. I liked Quilla alot. Gabriel made me mad. I loved his so Dane. Whenever I pass a bookstore sale where books are less than a dollar, I tend to pick up as many as possible. This is one of those books and not one that I would have ever purchased otherwise, and yet I am so glad that I read it.I don't tend to read much romance/erotica, but would recommend this one. For an erotic novel, there was surprisingly few of these scenes and the author spent most of the book developing vivid characters and a complicated interplay of circumstance. Quilla had a wonderfully strong sense of tranquility that allowed her to comfort those all around her and Gabriel was a cantankerous and brooding but entirely likable fellow. The dialogue was well written and believable: ". . . because I know the goodness of my heart and of my soul, I care little for those who denounce me out of their own insecurities." (p55)

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bullshit utter hogwash, the first one was flipping good had me captivated but this is shit

I love Megan Hart and this novel nmade me love her even more! A must-read!

Very good.

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