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Pleasure And Purpose (2009)

Pleasure and Purpose (2009)

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0425229696 (ISBN13: 9780425229699)
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About book Pleasure And Purpose (2009)

Three wonderful stories of handmaidens from the Order of Solace.Edward finds his solace in Stillness. Her submissive nature and her love gives Eward back his ability to be who he really is, kind, caring and dominant. Stillness helps him forgive himself for his part in a horrible accident that has torn him from his best friend Cillian.Cillian thinks that by getting his own handmaiden he will have what Edward has, a true submissive love. Honesty sees that what Cillian really needs is not someone to bare her back for him at his request but to stand beside him as a lover.Alaric is friend to both Cillian and Edward and is himself submissive. He has been abused by the woman he loved and turns to drink and drugs. Edward and Cillian send for a handmaiden for him. Derterminata comes to Alaric and shows him the difference between abuse and submission and that it is possible for him to be both a man and a submissive. Original and fantastical, Megan Hart takes erotic fiction to a new level. In the Order of Solace series she created a world, a religion and a people that are not only completely believable, they do not require 200 pages of droll blah-di-blah to render exposition. The tease is as good as the sex, the men are nearly Darcy-worth, and the ladies are strong and intelligent and astoundingly insightful. A note to all other authors in this genre: please, please, please follow her example; don't confuse eroticism with porn. Those of us that read erotic fiction READ for a reason. We like good writers. Oh, and a warning - this series does contain light to heavy BDSM elements and some menage and a little bisexuality, all of which are tasteful and, frankly, really hot.

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Read this ages ago but for some reason I didn't rate or review. Hmm...

Really great word-building, sexy as hell.

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