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Lynn Flewelling

Lynn Flewelling
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Books by Lynn Flewelling


The White Road (2010)

"Of course all he'd gotten was a stint in slavery, but at least they'd gotten out of the house." If Alec had a resume, it would include the former occupations of hunter/trapper, apprentice bard, thief, spy, lord, honest working man, diplomat with some spying involved, and lastly, "a stint in slav...

The White Road (2010) by Lynn Flewelling

Casket of Souls (2012)

Well guys, you know how you have that old, slightly out-of-it uncle or grandparent who is very very sweet, bless his/her soul, but then their dementia gets worse and they start spouting racist crap from their childhoods because that's the only thing their brains can remember?And then you say to y...

Casket of Souls (2012) by Lynn Flewelling

Bílá cesta (2013)

"It had died long before they’d come here and turned to stone, as the old dragons did. Most of the body had crumbled away, but the huge head was perfect, down to the sharp spines on its muzzle. Even in winter it was still warm to the touch, as was the water. Hâzadriël had taken this as a sign t...

Bílá cesta (2013) by Lynn Flewelling

White Road: The Nightrunner Series, Book 5 (2013)

Oh that's MUCH better. More Nightrunning, More Micum, Less angst, More adventure, Clearer Plot, Better paced, plenty of different locations and full of funny moments. For some reason the following quote tickled me. Riser: "How do we break into a ship?"Seregil: "The same way you do a house, only w...

White Road: The Nightrunner Series, Book 5 (2013) by Lynn Flewelling

Schránka duší (2014)

I really like this book. After the last two were not so great, I was scared that the series had slipped into mediocrity. But this was back on form, and I believe the best of the series since Stalking Darkness. The swashbuckling burglary is back, and that is just amazing, with traps, intrigues and...

Schránka duší (2014) by Lynn Flewelling

Shards of Time (2014)

I've absolutely loved the Nightrunner series and that's why this book was such a disappointment for me. I wouldn't call it an awful read, but underwhelming compared to the rest of the series. I'm sad to see this series end on such a low note.The plot was predictable and far too simple. The charac...

Shards of Time (2014) by Lynn Flewelling

Stalking Darkness (2010)

Quasi un anno.Quasi un anno da quando ho recensito il primo volume della serie Nightrunners, trovandolo ben scritto e ripromettendomi di continuare la serie al più presto.Al più presto - ovviamente - si è tradotto in "dopo", finchè in preda alla crisi mistica del "cosa leggo? Ho solo ottanta libr...

Stalking Darkness (2010) by Lynn Flewelling

Traitor's Moon (1999)

Non capisco perchè, nell'edizione italiana, è stato dato tanto peso a Kerry: non è un posto importante per la trama, è giusto lo sputo di terra in cui è nato Alec e non ci sono mai tornati.Potevo capire nei primi due libri: Alec viene da Kerry, ed è un arciere, ma qui? Alec non è un (o 'il') trad...

Traitor's Moon (1999) by Lynn Flewelling

Luck in the Shadows (1996)

Fantasy Gold! This is going to be one of those slow developing series’ that keeps you hooked with every little reveal. I almost feel there are more questions than answers right now, dropped innuendo, and things hinted at yet never explained. Hello peaked curiosity! Yet, I still felt I got a c...

Luck in the Shadows (1996) by Lynn Flewelling

Hidden Warrior (2008)

Um...Ms. Flewelling...may I call you Lynn...okay, Ms. Flewelling...if you ever see this review, I want you to know that this rating/review is a reflection of MY FAILURE and not yours. I don’t think this is a bad book and I don’t think there are serious flaws in its execution. I think the lack of ...

Hidden Warrior (2008) by Lynn Flewelling

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