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White Road: The Nightrunner Series, Book 5 (2013)

White Road: The Nightrunner Series, Book 5 (2013)

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1299214444 (ISBN13: 9781299214446)
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Oh that's MUCH better. More Nightrunning, More Micum, Less angst, More adventure, Clearer Plot, Better paced, plenty of different locations and full of funny moments. For some reason the following quote tickled me. Riser: "How do we break into a ship?"Seregil: "The same way you do a house, only wetter"I'll always give these books five stars but in this case I'm not being "Loyal" to my love of them. I enjoyed this book a great deal. The characters were predicatable, of course, but I liked the conflict that ensued over Alec's love for his rhekaro, and the depiction of his inner struggle over what would become of him. It was great to see Seregil in his home for the first time, and to see him and Alec as a truly committed couple. The pacing was good, and there was not a lot of excessive description of places and methods that bogged me down in the first couple of books. Of course in a series like this, there are no big surprises concerning the outcome for the main characters, but I enjoy them, and was engrossed most of the time. My only complaint is that I wish the lovemaking did not all take place off stage. A little more expressed emotion would round out these characters nicely.

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I re-read the whole series before starting The White Road. It was a treat that lasted a week. :)

Shadow's Return and The White Road are the weakest books in the series. But read them anyway :P

To read before 6th installment is published.

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