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Bílá Cesta (2013)

Bílá cesta (2013)

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"It had died long before they’d come here and turned to stone, as the old dragons did. Most of the body had crumbled away, but the huge head was perfect, down to the sharp spines on its muzzle. Even in winter it was still warm to the touch, as was the water. Hâzadriël had taken this as a sign that the valley was to be theirs—they who had the blood of the Great Dragon in their veins, their gift and their curse." New worlds and peoples were introduced in this book, as we finally get a chance to see Seregil's birth home, and meet the Hazadrielfae. The conflict of dealing with Sebrahn was an interesting one, but this book lacked some of the gripping tension of the rest of the series. Ulan had been a formidable enemy, but felt...cut loose. I still really enjoyed the book, love the world and its characters, and the rating is actually more like 3.5, but it's not quite up to the level of the ones that came before.

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Lynn Flewelling brings the Nightrunner series to a smashing and triumphant close!

I love this series! I'm so upset I have to wait to May to get the next one!!

Haven't finished yet. It's pretty slow and dull.

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