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Schránka Duší (2014)

Schránka duší (2014)

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I really like this book. After the last two were not so great, I was scared that the series had slipped into mediocrity. But this was back on form, and I believe the best of the series since Stalking Darkness. The swashbuckling burglary is back, and that is just amazing, with traps, intrigues and plots galore. It harks back to Luck In The Shadows in this regard. I'm going to take a break from the series, as there is only one left, and will read something else first so that I can savour the final instalment. We're finally back on track! I was really looking forward to some original nightrunning and was not disappointed with this book. The plot was really tight and the stories fit into each other perfectly. Without a doubt Sebrahn was bit of a hindrance when it came to action and I'm glad he is gone along with all the drama that came with him around. As for the characters, there were some really cool developments. I almost jumped out of my seat when I began reading a chapter in Klia's pov. This really made up for the last two books and I hope she gets to keep her wish not to be queen because she deserves a lot for putting up with Phoria. Always more Klia!! In other news Nyal is growing on me, no doubt thanks to Beka and Thero is slowly turning into the man Nysander knew he could be. There a few losses as well but some were needed to keep up the tension and the pace as well. At least we got a glimpse of pretty much everyone this time including Valerius.My only concern was the ending. It was uncommonly sweet and I loved it but the finality of it made me wonder since there is one more book in the series. Other than the Hazad people what other thread is open now that even the war is over? I really hope Lynn will do the series justice with that last one.

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another great tale of Seregil and Alec and company.

Mrs. Flewelling spins a wonderful yarn, as always!

It was good to return to this series again :)


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