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Shards Of Time (2014)

Shards of Time (2014)

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0345522311 (ISBN13: 9780345522313)
Del Rey

About book Shards Of Time (2014)

I've absolutely loved the Nightrunner series and that's why this book was such a disappointment for me. I wouldn't call it an awful read, but underwhelming compared to the rest of the series. I'm sad to see this series end on such a low note.The plot was predictable and far too simple. The character interactions were mostly unfeeling to me, especially between Alec and Seregil. It felt like the author was relying too heavily on our knowledge that Alec and Seregil love each other, rather than continuing to show their relationship. I found the horror aspects boring and I admit to rolling my eyes at a few of the moments that were clearly intended to be shocking.I expected more because Flewelling has delivered more in her previous books. Overall the series is well worth the read, and I can't praise it highly enough, but this book left me feeling cheated. The unanswered questions I have will irk me for a while. Can I be a troglodyte and chuckle over the fact that the two men on the cover of this book are not only way hotter than these characters have been portrayed on previous novels, but also apparently twins? i.e. I'm pretty sure the cover artist used the same model for both Alec and Seregil, and s/he DEFINITELY used the same outfit.Ahem. The book. Lynn Flewelling has this knack of slurping me into a story I end up really enjoying despite the fact her writing style can be a bit self-indulgent. I've mentioned before that I can be an extremely impatient reader, but despite this author's books tending to wander around describing food and jewellery a lot, they always feel like a crackling good tale, too -- and they get the party started surprisingly quickly given the fact they're usually describing food and jewellery at the same time as the plot is kicking off.This book was a fine example of that phenomenon. It gets interesting fast, despite the fact it seems like it's headed to where it's going at a mild, happy-go-lucky pace. It also finishes up with a nicely juicy climax that's just melodramatic enough to feel like a decadent treat.This is tentatively the final book in the Nightrunners series, and although I won't miss the characters as keenly as some fans, I am sorry to see a dependably entertaining series draw to a (hopefully-temporary) close.

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Last of the series (at least for now). Very nice finish with a 'fairy tale' ending...ever after!

Amazing, but unfortunately the last book in this legendary high fantasy series ;)

If this is really the last Nighrunner book I will cry.

Review to come.

just loved it.

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