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Louis L'Amour

Louis L'Amour
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Books by Louis L'Amour


Kiowa Trail (The Louis L'amour Legacy Editions) (2006)

This was my first foray into the western genre, and I definitely know it won't be my last. I've been wanting to try it out for a while now, and after one of my customers recommended "just picking any ole one up," that's exactly what I did. I went to the library and pulled the first Louis L'Amour ...

Kiowa Trail (The Louis L'amour Legacy Editions) (2006) by Louis L'Amour

The Lonesome Gods: A Novel (1984)

I read The Lonesome Gods because it was recommended in A Thomas Jefferson Education as one of five books to start one’s classic library. The reviews claimed it was Louis L’Amour’s biggest and most important historical novel. That may be true, but it didn’t measure up to the level of classic lit...

The Lonesome Gods: A Novel (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Callaghen (1998)

Poor Sergeant Callaghen just can't win. At 34 he's got hardly any money to his name and is stuck in the army, stationed in the California desert to protect travelers from Indians, apparently before the Gold Rush really got started, and when he gets his discharge papers he has no idea what he'll d...

Callaghen (1998) by Louis L'Amour

Over on the Dry Side: a nOVEL (1985)

This was a typical Louis L'amour book. Western, rough country, bad men vs one good man, tormented past that is never quite revealed, beautiful girl, a homestead full of trials and triumph. The only thing different about this particular story then the others I have divulged in was the use of a ...

Over on the Dry Side: a nOVEL (1985) by Louis L'Amour

Kid Rodelo: A Novel (2007)

Rodelo is relieved to be released from prison – and angry that he had to spend time there in the first place. Even harder for him to handle is the fact that, when he was first accused of the crime, none of his so-called friends had stood for his character. They’d all faded away – deserted him. Bu...

Kid Rodelo: A Novel (2007) by Louis L'Amour

The Iron Marshal (1993)

I'd quit reading L'Amour for a while, after few less-than-impressive books, but I tried again recently and the last two I've read were back up to standard. The Iron Marshal is interesting because of its first few chapters which develop the hero's backstory. Instead of the usual seasoned frontiers...

The Iron Marshal (1993) by Louis L'Amour

Galloway (1970)

Flagan Sackett is running for his life and the outlook is not good. A few minutes ago, he was the captive of Apache Indians but thanks to a diversion provided by his brother Galloway, he has a chance. Buck naked and hand-bound, all he can do is run.Galloway and Flagan were searching for a good ...

Galloway (1970) by Louis L'Amour


Date Read: 12-September-2010I read this book – Fair Blows the Wind” by Louis L’Amour - for a book discussion group. I liked the story and the fact that it was not a western novel typically done by L’Amour but one that takes place mostly in Europe before the population of North America. A few th...

FAIR BLOWS THE WIND: A Novel (1981) by Louis L'Amour

The Daybreakers (1984)

This is a great book, and L’Amour is someone you should read if you’ve not done so. Long before he became pretty much THE guy for “Westerns,” he was a poet and a world traveler. He read pretty much everything and knew a lot about the world, and he honestly has a lot to teach to the modern world...

The Daybreakers (1984) by Louis L'Amour

The Broken Gun (1984)

I tried to like this book, but I just didn't. I don't know if it's a personal issue - I'm not particularly a fan of Westerns so I am not well read in the genre. Or honestly it could just be a weak book. I'm leaning more towards the latter.Broken Gun tells the story of writer/historian/Korean War ...

The Broken Gun (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Treasure Mountain (1984)

My favorite story so far, I think. Some of that is time spent in my favorite city (New Orleans)—a good quarter of the book is Tell and Orrin bumbling about in the French Quarter. Some of it is this being the first one I actually remember bits of from my young reading days. But most of it is a gre...

Treasure Mountain (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Lonely on the Mountain (1984)

This book I found enjoyable until the very end. The description of the cattle drive, the problems along the way, Orrin's own journey to met up with the cattle drive, all satisfied the reader in me. But the last chapter after Shorty is killed made me feel as if everyone else knew the secret exce...

Lonely on the Mountain (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Bowdrie's Law (1984)

I am a Louis L'Amour completest and this is my 76th L'Amour book that I have read so far. Obviously I am a fan so please take that into consideration as you consider my review.This a collection of 10 short stories all featuring the Texas Ranger character, Chick Bowdrie. All of these stories, al...

Bowdrie's Law (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Showdown At Yellow Butte (1997)

I have read all of Louis L'Amour's books at least once, and some of them I have read several times. They have become, for me, a vacation. After weeks and months of reading things for work--or even pleasure--there's just nothing like settling in for a couple evenings of a Louis L'Amour story. T...

Showdown At Yellow Butte (1997) by Louis L'Amour

Ride the River (1983)

I'll admit to having put off picking up this one, even though so far the Sackett books have pretty much been a sausage fest (for all that each one of them is about the winning of a wife as awesome as each novel's hero deserves), partly because I wasn't sure how well Louis L'Amour could really do ...

Ride the River (1983) by Louis L'Amour

Radigan (1984)

Louis L’Amour- Radigan (Bantam Books 1969) 3.75 StarsAfter working through harsh conditions to build his ranch, Tom Radigan now finds himself in danger of losing what he has fought so hard to build. Angelina Foley comes from seemingly nowhere claiming to have a deed to the ranch land that he has ...

Radigan (1984) by Louis L'Amour

The Mountain Valley War (1997)

Lots of great frontier philosophy in this one. The backstory is highly developed, with lots of interesting character studies. And of course the Kilkenny-Nita romance is one of L'Amour's most compelling, at least for me.In addition to the great gunfights you'd expect from Kilkenny, The Mountain Va...

The Mountain Valley War (1997) by Louis L'Amour

Catlow (2006)

Ben Cowan and Bijah Catlow have been friends for years now – since they were boys in fact. They fought some, rode trails together, and finally parted company. Ben became a U.S. marshal while Catlow became – an outlaw.Ben is loathed to become involved with the capture of Catlow – the man is still ...

Catlow (2006) by Louis L'Amour

Comstock Lode (1982)

I picked up “Comstock Lode” at an airport bookstore for a flight home from, appropriately, Nevada. Coming in at about 600 pages, the book is two to three times the size of a typical L’Amour western, which is how I knew I had never read it before. Back in my college years, I plowed through a stack...

Comstock Lode (1982) by Louis L'Amour

The Rider of Lost Creek (1982)

I used to read L'Amour whenever we went to the beach for Easter. He was light, fast and whenever one of his heroes was trapped in the desert heat without water being pursued by Apaches, I felt better able to empathize while sitting in a deck chair under the hot Alabama sun, having to stretch alm...

The Rider of Lost Creek (1982) by Louis L'Amour

Monument Rock (1999)

This is a book consisting of mainly short stories. All typical Louis L'Amour western, cowboy story lines. Ladies, if you never read this author, do not be put off. Mr. L'Amour is such an excellent story writer that both men and women will find them interesting. There is just enough of a hint of r...

Monument Rock (1999) by Louis L'Amour

Where the Long Grass Blows (1985)

Bill Canavan has wanted a ranch for several years. But he’s not content to rest with some dingy set of acres. He wants to own the most lush and fertile land in the valley. The scary thing is, he’s got it, deed and all. But the other, more powerful ranchers in the valley don’t know of his claim an...

Where the Long Grass Blows (1985) by Louis L'Amour

Milo Talon: A Novel (1981)

Something just doesn’t seem right to Milo Talon. He’s used to being hired to do odd jobs by rich men. But this particular case is unusual. Jefferson Henry wants Milo to hunt down his granddaughter, Nancy Henry, who’s been missing for over fifteen years. That doesn’t sound criminal, but why didn’t...

Milo Talon: A Novel (1981) by Louis L'Amour

Yondering (1989)

Jan. 26, 2012Best known for his Westerns, Louis L'Amour actually wrote stories and novels set in a variety of times and places. Like his Westerns, though, all of these tend to feature strong heroes who are macho but moral (and he well understood that these aren't contradictory qualities!), and w...

Yondering (1989) by Louis L'Amour

High Lonesome (1962)

Cognitive dissonance. There's so much I liked about this book. Sure, the whole bank robber with an old grudge to be settled plot is pretty cliched and the characters aren't particularly well rounded, but the prose is masterfully written and so much of the ethos of manhood and outlaw is articulate...

High Lonesome (1962) by Louis L'Amour

The Burning Hills (1985)

I'm a Louis L'Amour fan. Despite the fact that there's very little dialogue, the story of Trace Jordan comes alive. Trace and his partner have rounded up wild horses, branded them and are in the process of breaking them. Upon returning from getting supplies in town, Trace finds his horses gone an...

The Burning Hills (1985) by Louis L'Amour

The Quick and the Dead: A Novel (1982)

Άγριοι σαν τον άνεμοΌγδοο γουέστερν του Λουίς Λ'Αμούρ που διαβάζω και γι'ακόμη μια φορά ευχαριστήθηκα την αφηγητική του δεινότητα στο συγκεκριμένο είδος, στο οποίο θεωρείται ο καλύτερος. Η ιστορία έχει να κάνει με τον Ντάνκαν Μακ Κάσκελ, που αποφάσισε να μετακομίσει με την οικογένεια του στην Άγρ...

The Quick and the Dead: A Novel (1982) by Louis L'Amour

Sackett (1981)

”Trouble just naturally seemed to latch onto me and hang on with all its teeth.” William Tell Sackett likes to be left alone. Lean and gangling, he’s peaceful, until riled. Most of his life he’s been“lighting a shuck” but, when trouble comes, he get’s biblical and “smites it hip and thigh.”Like...

Sackett (1981) by Louis L'Amour

The Riders of High Rock (1994)

I love a good Louis L'Amour western. He's a good storyteller who creates interesting characters and places them in beautifully illustrated settings. L'Amour's ability to describe the time and place of his novels, and the small details about life in the old west, makes his stories come alive.This ...

The Riders of High Rock (1994) by Louis L'Amour

The First Fast Draw (1985)

The boom reverberated off the canyon walls and the screams and the smoke and the noise—I’m ashamed to say I fainted. I came to rather quickly, the explosive percussion fading like a thunderclap far away, but my mind had fallen into that other canyon—the darker one of memory. That last night in ou...

The First Fast Draw (1985) by Louis L'Amour

The Key-Lock Man: A Novel (1984)

Το παιχνίδι του θανάτουΈβδομο βιβλίο του Λουίς Λ'Αμούρ που διαβάζω και ήταν και αυτό το ίδιο καλό με τα προηγούμενα. Η ιστορία είναι αρκετά απλή αλλά ενδιαφέρουσα: Έξι άντρες της πόλης Φρίντομ κυνηγάνε τον Ματ Κήλοκ, με σκοπό να τον κρεμάσουν από το ψηλότερο δέντρο της πόλης, επειδή ο Κήλοκ φαίνε...

The Key-Lock Man: A Novel (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Heller with a Gun (1998)

This was my first ever Louis L'Amour book, and I liked it really well! Which is a good thing, as I've got something like 15 more of his books on my TBR. See, we were having a yard sale this summer, and my grandpa had a big box just chock full of L'Amour books, so when the sale was over, I took a ...

Heller with a Gun (1998) by Louis L'Amour

Mojave Crossing (1985)

Why is it that good hearted cowboys always seem to get dragged into trouble by dark hearted women?This is another novel where one of the Sackett boys goes out of his way to help a lady and ends up in a whole heap o' trouble - gunfights, suicidal desert crossings, saloon brawls, etc. This time Tel...

Mojave Crossing (1985) by Louis L'Amour

Brionne (1985)

Major James "Brionne" 33 retreats to mountain wilderness with son Mat, six when wife and mother Anne shot an attacker then herself, impressing Cotton Allard. His killer gang burns her house in revenge for a brother's trial and hanging after Confederate war predations. Author Louis L'Amour include...

Brionne (1985) by Louis L'Amour

The Empty Land: A Novel (1995)

Η άδεια γηΠέμπτο βιβλίο του Λουίς Λ'Αμούρ που περνάει στην λίστα με τα διαβασμένα, ακόμα ένα καλό γουέστερν. Πρόκειται για την ιστορία μιας νεότευκτης πόλης χρυσού, της Κονφούζιον. Η πόλη χτίστηκε στα γρήγορα δίπλα σε φλέβες χρυσού σε κάποια περιοχή των ΗΠΑ. Τα γνωστά. Βέβαια, από την πρώτη μέρα ...

The Empty Land: A Novel (1995) by Louis L'Amour

Westward the Tide (1984)

This is one of L'Amour's better works. Decent plot. Minimal macho akwardness in his language. The story follows one of his typically well-cultured killer types, who slightly tips the scales towards good, joining a group of prospectors looking for gold in Big Sky country. Turns out something i...

Westward the Tide (1984) by Louis L'Amour

To the Far Blue Mountains (1977)

My expectations were high when I picked up my first L'Amour novel. Higher than they ought to have been, it turns out, as I was fairly disappointed. First, the mitigating factors: I listened to this as an audio book. I find that I tend to rate some audio books lower than I might have had I read ...

To the Far Blue Mountains (1977) by Louis L'Amour

The Strong Shall Live (1984)

This is a marvelous collection of western short stories by the immortal Louis L'Amour. As an example of the stories you'll find here, "Bluff Creek Station" is one of the shortest of the stories in the entire collection and yet it is one of the most inspiring. It begins with the main character kn...

The Strong Shall Live (1984) by Louis L'Amour

The Californios (1985)

Some the good quotes from the book1. "Wisdom must be shared, it must be given, or else it lies cold upon the rocks"2. I do not think time passes, as you say. I think time is here, that it never began, can never be measured, and will always be.3. To live a long time is nothing, to live a long tim...

The Californios (1985) by Louis L'Amour

Passin' Through (1985)

"I'm anything it takes to..." "I do whatever will" get the coon" p34,55 from lofty age of 28 p271,2 "I don't know what the young folks are comin' to these days. All kinds of gallivantin' about. Restless, that's what they are, restless. They ought to have more chores to do." p317 when Burrows bro...

Passin' Through (1985) by Louis L'Amour

The Proving Trail (1985)

My dad loves all his books and I read over a hundred while staving off the night terrors when growing up.It is a strange fact about the old west, Indians, and the genocidal take over of the land now called the United States that fiction writing about them is often taken for truth (see Ward Church...

The Proving Trail (1985) by Louis L'Amour

The Hills of Homicide (1984)

I tried. I really did.A friend recommended this work - particularly the Kip Morgan stories inside - when the likes of Philip Marlowe came up. I'd never read any L'Amour before picking it up, and now that I have: He's no Raymond Chandler. Not even close.The first story (the novella that lends the ...

The Hills of Homicide (1984) by Louis L'Amour

North to the Rails (1982) Chantry has all his future father-in-law's money to buy cattle and ship back East by rail. But in Las Vegas, he backs down from drunken Dutch Akin, and refuses to wear a gun. He buys stock from French Williams, of questionable morality, and hires French...

North to the Rails (1982) by Louis L'Amour

The Walking Drum (1985)

“The Walking Drum” is a historical novel set in 12th century Europe and the Middle East. Mathurin Kerbouchard, the main character, learns that his mother has been murdered in Brittany and that his father is now forced into servitude somewhere east of Baghdad and south of Tehran. Young Kerbouchard...

The Walking Drum (1985) by Louis L'Amour

Bendigo Shafter (1983)

This book is amazing and everyone should drop what they're doing right now and go read it! Seriously, stop reading this review and just go read the book. :)Bendigo Shafter is our protagonist. At 18 he moves West in a wagon train with his brother's family and his younger sister. With winter coming...

Bendigo Shafter (1983) by Louis L'Amour

Conagher (1982)

I read this for my adult lit class and I can now say that westerns are no my genre of choice! The story started out OK, but I soon found it a bit boring. The book starts out with the story of the Teale family. Evie and her children are trying to make it in the west and they happen to be settled n...

Conagher (1982) by Louis L'Amour

Borden Chantry (1988)

ΤσάντρυΈνας Λ'Αμούρ κάπως διαφορετικός από τα συνηθισμένα, μιας δω έχουμε να κάνουμε με μια αστυνομική ιστορία που εκτυλίσσεται σε μια μικρή πόλη της Άγριας Δύσης, Μάρσαλ της οποίας είναι ο πρώην κτηνοτρόφος και γελαδάρης Μπόρντεν Τσάντρυ. Μια μέρα σαν όλες τις άλλες το πτώμα ενός άντρα ανακαλύπτ...

Borden Chantry (1988) by Louis L'Amour

The Haunted Mesa: A Novel (1988)

To be honest, I felt like this book was just a hot mess. The short version of why I hated it: The narration was so awkward and circular and repetitive that I often had no idea where we were going with this, and nothing really happened in the first 300 pages. I couldn't figure out if the author wa...

The Haunted Mesa: A Novel (1988) by Louis L'Amour

Matagorda (1985)

Former Army Major, Tappan Duvarney, veteran of the Civil War,(the War between the States) and the Indian fighting , is tired.All he wants of life ,is a little money.So he can marry his fiancee, Jessica Trescott.Finally receiving just $ 7,000 of his wealthy, ship owning father's estate ,in Virg...

Matagorda (1985) by Louis L'Amour

Reilly's Luck (2004)

Louis L'Amour is an old friend to all who devour his books. If you are looking for a technically perfect book, his work is not the place. There are often slight discontinuities in his work for example in this book he met Wild Bill for the first and last time then several chapters later met him ag...

Reilly's Luck (2004) by Louis L'Amour

Ride the Dark Trail (1984)

Loving it. The plot turns are awfully convenient, but I love the language, and then there's useful stuff like this:"I'd backed up against that grove on purpose. Looked at from down below no smoke would show against the white of the tree trunks and the gray-green of the leaves...There's no prettie...

Ride the Dark Trail (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Down the Long Hills (1984)

"A man doesn't have the claws a bear has, nor the strength of a bull. He doesn't have the nose of a wolf, nor the wings of a hawk, but he has a brain." p 57 "Try to foresee the worst things that could happen, and plan for them." p 58 "They say little pitchers have big ears, and they should have....

Down the Long Hills (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Taggart: A Novel (1982)

A blog review, written and published June 2, 2008.Adam Stark (no relation to Tony) has ventured into the heart of Apache country in search of gold, and he finds it. More than enough of it to buy the ranch somewhere near Tucson that he dreams of owning. The only drawback, other than being discov...

Taggart: A Novel (1982) by Louis L'Amour

The Shadow Riders (1982)

I like reading Louis L'Amour books because you will not find a more compact, precisely-written story. No words are wasted and the story flows quickly from one chapter to the next. Yes, L'Amour was formulaic. No, there are rarely any surprises in his books. They are stories about challenges, e...

The Shadow  Riders (1982) by Louis L'Amour

Son of a Wanted Man (1997)

Interesting premise of a young orphan raised by a very successful outlaw. The outlaw intends for the young man to become the heir to the outlaw empire while he retires to a quiet ranch with his wife and two daughters. The story is set in a tumultuous time in the wild West when trains and telegr...

Son of a Wanted Man (1997) by Louis L'Amour

Hanging Woman Creek (1994)

No Matter how many times I read a Louis L'Amour book from my "to be read" pile (or shelves in my case) I seem to still have about 5 left to read. I'm beginning to think they are breeding. Nevertheless, I always seem to enjoy them and really tend to use them as breaks between larger novels. Wit...

Hanging Woman Creek (1994) by Louis L'Amour

Shalako (1985)

Shalako, written by Louis L'Amour and published in 1962, is a classic western novel. The main protagonist, Shalako, is essentially what everyone epitomizes the hero of the Old West to be. Bold, smart, rugged, a dead eye shot, a loner, and an overall man's man. While out and about doing his manly ...

Shalako (1985) by Louis L'Amour

The Lonely Men (1984)

I'm rating this one down and I'm man enough to admit that it's mostly pique. The story is good and I've always liked Tell Sackett. This is the third featuring him and L'Amour is a better storyteller with each new book. The only trouble is, the first book featuring Tell ended with him together wit...

The Lonely Men (1984) by Louis L'Amour

The Man Called Noon (1984)

He has no knowledge of who he is. He vaguely remembers falling from a window – and he knows that an angry mob is forming that wants to kill him. But other than that he has forgotten everything. It must have been the fall that wiped away his memory.He scrambles onto a departing train. The contents...

The Man Called Noon (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Education of a Wandering Man (1990)

No choicer gift can any man give to another than his spirit’s intimate converse with itself. Schleiermacher I would bet that Louis L’Amour would not be in the list of the first forty authors you might guess used a Schleiermacher quote as an epigraph for a chapter deep in his education autobiogr...

Education of a Wandering Man (1990) by Louis L'Amour

The High Graders (1989)

It's been a while since I read my last western novel so I chose The High Graders by Louis L'Amour, my 64th book by this author. In fact, with the completion of this book, I have now read more Louis L'Amour books than books by any other author. Number 2 only has 63...A "High Grader" for those th...

The High Graders (1989) by Louis L'Amour

Flint (1997)

Η τελευταία σφαίραΈνατο βιβλίο του Λουίς Λ'Αμούρ που διαβάζω και μπορώ να πω ότι με διαφορά είναι το καλύτερο απ'όλα. Και αν τα προηγούμενα μου άρεσαν πολύ, τότε αυτό που μόλις τελείωσα σχεδόν με ενθουσίασε. Πως έχει η ιστορία: Ο εκατομμυριούχος Τζέιμς Τ. Κέτλεμαν αφήνει τον πολιτισμό και τα χρήμ...

Flint (1997) by Louis L'Amour

The Cherokee Trail (1996)

Josh McClendonOctober 25, 2011Oral and Written CommunicationMr. BalesReview of the Cherokee TrailtThe Cherokee Trail was written by Louis Lamour. The author is known for his western pieces, many of them have become movies. This is a story based in Colorado around the 1860’s. This book is set in ...

The Cherokee Trail (1996) by Louis L'Amour

From the Listening Hills: Stories (2004)

*** "From the Listening Hills" is twelve short stories by Louis L'Amour, mostly clever courage under hard circumstances. I enjoyed all the classic western action, except the title tragedy of a whole family persecuted and decimated by a rumor-monger villain. Two memorable unique crime tales, both ...

From the Listening Hills: Stories (2004) by Louis L'Amour

The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 3: The Frontier Stories (2005)

Louis L'Amour is one of the masters of the Western. In a genre that is so often defined and confined by its cliches and archetypes, he wove wonderful stories about strong men and women on the frontier. His short stories are captivating tales, and this collection is a great presentation of that. Y...

The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 3: The Frontier Stories (2005) by Louis L'Amour

Lando (1984)

ISBN from 1980 before Grieving his wife, Falcon "Three heavy sacks of gold he passed over to Caffrey .. Care for him well, and every third coin is your own" p 270. But "too much for his principles to bear" p...

Lando (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Last of the Breed (2005)

Warning: spoilers ahead! Exciting read. The story of a Red Indian escaping from a Siberian prison has much potential and the author seemed to have made the most of it. There is enough suspense, intrigue and entertainment to ensure one won't put the book down. The descriptions of the forest, lands...

Last of the Breed (2005) by Louis L'Amour

The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 2: Frontier Stories (2004)

L'Amour is a great storyteller. These stories, although pretty much the same, were all interesting and exciting. It's like reading John Grisham or Clive Cussler. Hard to put down. It's light reading Western stories. Ever see the Lone Ranger on TV? It's the same - morality plays. The bad guy gets ...

The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 2: Frontier Stories (2004) by Louis L'Amour

Last Stand at Papago Wells: A Novel (1998)

Louis L'Amour was a big part of my childhood and I appreciate him for helping excite me to read and value stories. So my four star rating is in (large?) part due to nostalgia.Last Stand at Papago Wells is one of my favorites because L'Amour deviates slightly from the Western pulp formula. There a...

Last Stand at Papago Wells: A Novel (1998) by Louis L'Amour

Guns of the Timberlands: A Novel (1984)

Spending the last 6 years to make his ranch the best, Clay Bell fought Indians, rustlers and the wilderness. On the other hand, Jud Devitt wants to remove timber off of the land where Clay lets cattle graze to deliver railroad ties for the Mexicans. Depleting these woods would cause mudslides whi...

Guns of the Timberlands: A Novel (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Law of the Desert Born: Stories (1984)

Reiterates the constant theme of Passing Through, the drifter who feels morally obligated, or inspired by clear gray eyes on a tall slim redhead, to administer deeply needed justice. July 1983, L'Amour refused to sign unauthorized editions, unlike Harry Harrison in Galactic Dreams proud autograph...

Law of the Desert Born: Stories (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Crossfire Trail (1997)

I might be primarily known for my love of contemporary YA, but everyone has their guilty pleasure genre, and mine is the good ole' Western. I don't know; the way these stories completely ignore having a message, but still champion values of right and wrong, while crafting characters just deep eno...

Crossfire Trail (1997) by Louis L'Amour

Kilrone (1981)

This was the first western novel I've read. The early pages were slow but the main battle scene was pretty good. I found myself reading as fast as I could once it started. The Indians were the most interesting part. They were patient and clever, but also courageous and lethal. They would jump in ...

Kilrone (1981) by Louis L'Amour

The Man from the Broken Hills (1996)

Milo Talon rides into Texas and hires as a ranch hand for Stirrup-Iron, and finds himself caught in the middle of cattle rustling and gunfighters. I found Milo's life was similar to Tell Sackett who was also a drifter. But Milo put more stock in education like his father (a Talon), even though ...

The Man from the Broken Hills (1996) by Louis L'Amour

Mustang Man (1966)

We met Nolan Sackett in Mojave Crossing and it was pretty clear that there was more to him than met the eye. This book merely proves it. I can't help liking Nolan. He's a big galoot, better than he thinks he is, and fundamentally uncertain of his place in the world. Naturally, my heart went out t...

Mustang Man (1966) by Louis L'Amour

To Tame a Land (2007)

This was given to me as a gift, and I wanted to give the person that gave it to me feedback so I went ahead and finished it in one sitting immediately after receiving it. I was a bit skeptical, I love the western setting but this guy wrote like 500 of these books and they're all kind of short so ...

To Tame a Land (2007) by Louis L'Amour

Off the Mangrove Coast: Stories (2001)

Such a range of stories and settings means Louis L’Amour likely has written a story for any and everyone. In this collection some of the stories are familiar to me although I don’t think I have specifically read any of his books before. Those people who have read or heard or seen films made from ...

Off the Mangrove Coast: Stories (2001) by Louis L'Amour

May There Be a Road: Stories (2002)

May There Be a Road is another in the growing collection of short stories written by Louis L’Amour in his early days. Most of these have been compiled by his son, Beau. As I understand it, this is to be the penultimate collection, with one more to follow. The included stories are clearly less pol...

May There Be a Road: Stories (2002) by Louis L'Amour

Sitka (2001)

Sitka is one of three Louis L'Amour books published in 1957 and the 12th book of his I've read in my quest to read them all them by year of publication.Sitka is a bit different from the typical L'Amour book that I've read so far. Up until now most of L'Amour's stories have taken place in the US S...

Sitka (2001) by Louis L'Amour

Riders of the Dawn (2006)

This is a serial novel. It was originally written as a serial for a magazine, which means that it was published in parts and each issue of the magazine would publish a part. Serial novels (published like this were popular in the 1940's and 50's). These novels were full of action and not character...

Riders of the Dawn (2006) by Louis L'Amour

Beyond the Great Snow Mountains: Stories (2000)

1/12/11......... in the begging of the book i was confused and didnt really know what i was reading about. then it got interesting, about murder, cattle being stole and boxing. theres times through out the book its becomes a death say i like the other books hes made more, so when im don...

Beyond the Great Snow Mountains: Stories (2000) by Louis L'Amour

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