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Beyond The Great Snow Mountains: Stories (2000)

Beyond the Great Snow Mountains: Stories (2000)

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0553580418 (ISBN13: 9780553580419)

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1/12/11......... in the begging of the book i was confused and didnt really know what i was reading about. then it got interesting, about murder, cattle being stole and boxing. theres times through out the book its becomes a death say i like the other books hes made more, so when im done reading this book it will be EXSPONGED from my memory. 1/19/11........... still havent finished it and this is the last summary i will do. there hasnt been much at all that changed in the book. its slow to me, i dont really like it. in this book the topic keeps bouncing around so i get confused really fast. otherwise the through in another thing to the topic and im like wow where did the come from. so all in all this book is a disappointer. 1st.. rush 2nd.. hunger games 3rd... we were soldiers onece 4th... beyond the great snow mountins 5th... Philippe Pinel, Unchainer of the Insane.

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