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May There Be A Road: Stories (2002)

May There Be a Road: Stories (2002)

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About book May There Be A Road: Stories (2002)

May There Be a Road is another in the growing collection of short stories written by Louis L’Amour in his early days. Most of these have been compiled by his son, Beau. As I understand it, this is to be the penultimate collection, with one more to follow. The included stories are clearly less polished than what he wrote in subsequent years, but you can see the unmistakable L’Amour style in them, and they carry the same themes of honor, courage, loyalty, good vs. evil, and unashamed manhood that characterized his later novels. They are a mix of war stories, westerns, and boxing tales, all of which were familiar to Louis L’Amour. For any L’Amour fan, it is worth reading…for others, probably not.

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