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Mustang Man (1966)

Mustang Man (1966)

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We met Nolan Sackett in Mojave Crossing and it was pretty clear that there was more to him than met the eye. This book merely proves it. I can't help liking Nolan. He's a big galoot, better than he thinks he is, and fundamentally uncertain of his place in the world. Naturally, my heart went out to him immediately.This story isn't as solid as Mojave Crossing, meandering a bit with a confused through-line that wanders between the girl and the gold. It doesn't help that L'Amour plays a bit with circumstances to cast more doubt on Penelope than she deserves. And I can't help being a little uncomfortable that the women are so polarized (being either paragon or pariah). L'Amour manages to make Penelope believably human and that helps. Having her be smart and competent and level-headed when the chips are down is a big plus as well. Still, I can't help feeling that Sylvie is almost one-dimensional in contrast—mitigated somewhat by having her brother join her in the soullessly evil category (so it's clear the evil isn't so much female as it is that "some folks just ain't right").So it's a 3.5 book with the big softie Nolan giving it enough heart to push it to four. I liked Penelope, too, but (view spoiler)[the last quarter or so when L'Amour was manipulating things to make her look suspicious (hide spoiler)]

L'Amour had a good character in Nolan Sackett. Nolan had his wits about him, and his attitude showed something of a skeptical and adventurous man. He had a lawless past, but I think L'Amour could have spent a few more lines delving into his life as an outlaw.The book was a good read, and I was quite satisfied with how it turned out at the end. It seemed, though, L'Amour included one or two unnecessary characters. But when the subject is gold, I suppose everyone wants to get involved. It's nice to see the author explore more of the "unsavory" side of the Sacketts.

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this book is very interesting and action pact even though it the first sackett book that i had read it got my attention from the start.the criminal outlaw having a change of heart for the better and stoped being selfish as he guides a group of "yellabellys" through the old wild first he was just doing it for the money then as he got to know the poeple he was guiding he became emotionly attached specially to a young women named penalope.later find out that the city poeple that hired him in search of gold that was to enherited hidden in an old mine but there not the only ones looking for gold.appeaerntly camanches know about it too so he hlps penalope thruogh the desert fighting off frequent run ins with camonches.but there are traders penolpes fiance is planning on running with the gold the first chance he gets nobody sees that but mr.sackett

I really liked the narrative of this story, its an adventure story with a little bit of mystery thrown in when Nolan Sackett falls for a damsel in distress and helps her strike out into the desert to recover the long lost gold of her deceased relative. The catch is that there are other angry people with guns also pursuing said treasure trove.I love L'Amour's descriptions and how he has actually been everywhere he writes about. The only thing I didn't like about this book was how generic Nolan Sackett was. If you had a cardboard cutout for 'generic western hero' the skills and personality of Nolan Sackett would do nothing to upset that expectation. Other than that, really liked it.6/10

3-18Just started this audio-book today. Sackett is escaping a band of Mexicans and a noose on back of a stolen horse.Nolan Sackett is passing through Indian country, and comes across a wagon with a girl (Sylvie), her brothers (Ralph& Andrew). They are stranded without horses, and seem ready to kill Sackett for his ride. He is of course not going to let this happen. Not trusting them, he still agrees to go after their horses that have been led off by another cowboy. Later he rides through a w
—Suzanne Moore

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