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Series: The Sacketts

by Author Louis L'Amour


Mustang Man (1966)

We met Nolan Sackett in Mojave Crossing and it was pretty clear that there was more to him than met the eye. This book merely proves it. I can't help liking Nolan. He's a big galoot, better than he thinks he is, and fundamentally uncertain of his place in the world. Naturally, my heart went out t...

Mustang Man (1966) by Louis L'Amour

Lando (1984)

ISBN from 1980 before Grieving his wife, Falcon "Three heavy sacks of gold he passed over to Caffrey .. Care for him well, and every third coin is your own" p 270. But "too much for his principles to bear" p...

Lando (1984) by Louis L'Amour

The Lonely Men (1984)

I'm rating this one down and I'm man enough to admit that it's mostly pique. The story is good and I've always liked Tell Sackett. This is the third featuring him and L'Amour is a better storyteller with each new book. The only trouble is, the first book featuring Tell ended with him together wit...

The Lonely Men (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Ride the Dark Trail (1984)

Loving it. The plot turns are awfully convenient, but I love the language, and then there's useful stuff like this:"I'd backed up against that grove on purpose. Looked at from down below no smoke would show against the white of the tree trunks and the gray-green of the leaves...There's no prettie...

Ride the Dark Trail (1984) by Louis L'Amour

To the Far Blue Mountains (1977)

My expectations were high when I picked up my first L'Amour novel. Higher than they ought to have been, it turns out, as I was fairly disappointed. First, the mitigating factors: I listened to this as an audio book. I find that I tend to rate some audio books lower than I might have had I read ...

To the Far Blue Mountains (1977) by Louis L'Amour

Mojave Crossing (1985)

Why is it that good hearted cowboys always seem to get dragged into trouble by dark hearted women?This is another novel where one of the Sackett boys goes out of his way to help a lady and ends up in a whole heap o' trouble - gunfights, suicidal desert crossings, saloon brawls, etc. This time Tel...

Mojave Crossing (1985) by Louis L'Amour

Sackett (1981)

”Trouble just naturally seemed to latch onto me and hang on with all its teeth.” William Tell Sackett likes to be left alone. Lean and gangling, he’s peaceful, until riled. Most of his life he’s been“lighting a shuck” but, when trouble comes, he get’s biblical and “smites it hip and thigh.”Like...

Sackett (1981) by Louis L'Amour

Ride the River (1983)

I'll admit to having put off picking up this one, even though so far the Sackett books have pretty much been a sausage fest (for all that each one of them is about the winning of a wife as awesome as each novel's hero deserves), partly because I wasn't sure how well Louis L'Amour could really do ...

Ride the River (1983) by Louis L'Amour

Lonely on the Mountain (1984)

This book I found enjoyable until the very end. The description of the cattle drive, the problems along the way, Orrin's own journey to met up with the cattle drive, all satisfied the reader in me. But the last chapter after Shorty is killed made me feel as if everyone else knew the secret exce...

Lonely on the Mountain (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Treasure Mountain (1984)

My favorite story so far, I think. Some of that is time spent in my favorite city (New Orleans)—a good quarter of the book is Tell and Orrin bumbling about in the French Quarter. Some of it is this being the first one I actually remember bits of from my young reading days. But most of it is a gre...

Treasure Mountain (1984) by Louis L'Amour

The Daybreakers (1984)

This is a great book, and L’Amour is someone you should read if you’ve not done so. Long before he became pretty much THE guy for “Westerns,” he was a poet and a world traveler. He read pretty much everything and knew a lot about the world, and he honestly has a lot to teach to the modern world...

The Daybreakers (1984) by Louis L'Amour

Galloway (1970)

Flagan Sackett is running for his life and the outlook is not good. A few minutes ago, he was the captive of Apache Indians but thanks to a diversion provided by his brother Galloway, he has a chance. Buck naked and hand-bound, all he can do is run.Galloway and Flagan were searching for a good ...

Galloway (1970) by Louis L'Amour