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Crossfire Trail (1997)

Crossfire Trail (1997)

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About book Crossfire Trail (1997)

I might be primarily known for my love of contemporary YA, but everyone has their guilty pleasure genre, and mine is the good ole' Western. I don't know; the way these stories completely ignore having a message, but still champion values of right and wrong, while crafting characters just deep enough to be rooted for, is irresistible. Louis L'Amour is the master, and 'Crossfire Trail' was one of his on-going serialized stories. This isn't meant to be groundbreaking fiction. There's the stoic cowboy hero, his posse of bros, his nemesis (who is defeated, only for another nemesis to take his place), there's the presence of morally-ambiguous-but-generally-well-meaning Sioux Indians, and of course, there's The Girl. It's formulaic and predictable. It's also a fun ride, and at the end of 'Crossfire Trail', like with any Western worth its weight, you feel damn well satisfied. =)

Listened for Review (Random House Audio)Overall Rating: 3.75Character Rating: 4.00Story Rating: 3.50Audio Rating: 3.50 (not part of the overall rating Read It File It Review: I love Louis L'Amour and while Crossfire Trail isn't my favorite book by him, it is still a good read or reread. I picked it up again because I was curious how it would do in audio form. Audio Thoughts: Narrated By Jason Culp / Length: 5 hrs and 3 mins Listen up: I think Jason Culp has an excellent voice and I will be trying him again in the future. My problem with the narration was due to my per-conceived notions of how these particular characters would sound. That isn't the narrators fault. Jason did a great job with pacing and delivering of the story so please check him out.

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A great tale wrapped in all that L'Amour knows how to unwind. This is far simpler than many of his tales and shows how able he was at assembling a book that has the reader fully involved even in a shorter story. The core of the story is predictable. Other parts are laid out to satisfy the predictability.The writing is very good and the characters well crafted. Though the bad guys are a bit less detailed than in other books. Though that means the characters have far more definition than most books. Bottom line: I recommend this book. 7 of 10.
—Rob Smith

I think this is a great book. It is set in Wyoming. When Rafe Caradec makes a promise to his dying friend, to look after his ranch and family in Wyoming. But when he gets to the ranch there is more there that meets the eye. The ranch is deserted and the family is gone. But when he gets to town he finds that his friends wife had died and his daughter is engaged to the mortgage holder on the ranch. but when Rafe try's to get some answers he is told to leave and is and is shot at. Rafe is making his stand and is willing to fight.
—Bracken A.

I continue on my journey to honor my late father by reading all of the books written by his favorite author, Louis L'Amour. This one, Crossfire Trail, had a unique beginning with our hero being shanghaied from the west coast and forced into servitude for a year on a ship. The hero eventually escapes from the ship and heads to Wyoming to help the wife and child of a man he befriended while on the ship. There are good guys, bad guys, con artists, Native Americans, horses, gun-play, cattle and all of the other elements of a great Western.I recommend the story to anyone who is a fan of westerns!

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