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Who I'm Becoming (2000)

Who I'm Becoming (2000)

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I loved Montana in the other FireNine books! I was so excited when I found out he would have his own book! Of course, I had hoped that his book would live up to the way I had built him up in my mind… and it did!!! You truly can’t help but fall further in love with Montana Delray! Montana has always been a ladies’ man and never wanted a committed relationship. He never needed to worry about one because he never spent more than one night with a woman. He could also get pretty much any woman he wanted…. Except for one. There was something about the one that turned him down that stuck into his head. Lauren knew how Montana was and the temptation finally became too much for her. She wanted to experience him…. And experience she did!!!! She invited him to come and spend a week with her and it was ONE HOT WEEK! Although, there was a little crazy mixed in because of emotions. Hot passion became emotions and feelings that neither of them was expecting. It was just supposed to be a week of fun. But, Lauren is hiding a secret….. and my heart broke for Montana when the truth was revealed. He had so many trust issues already that he didn’t/couldn’t figure out how to handle it. “Something happened to me a week ago. Something I thought I’d never experience a day in my life. My heart broke. It broke into tiny, fragile little pieces.”I loved how unsure both Lauren and Montana were about their ‘relationship’. I think their insecurities helped them bond and build a stronger foundation. Will their foundation be enough to withstand the truth that comes crashing down at their feet?The writing was wonderful and the story line didn’t leave you bored. There was enough passion and fun moments to keep you satisfied. Thank you Shanora Williams for letting me fall even more in love with the FireNine boys! 5 fangsMontana Delray lived his life for his band FireNine, getting women in bed, some alcohol and drugs for good measure. No commitments, no relationships. Since the band hit the big time her can have it all. Until Lauren, the one who told him no. Now he wants her, just once to get it out of his system. Then he can move on. When FireNine goes to France for a show he knows he will see her there. She works backstage with the bands. Montana is going to do everything he can to get her in bed, what he didn't count on was Lauren jumping at the chance that first night. Then afterwards her running off. Even though that's how he works. When he is done they leave, but he didn't want Lauren to leave. That's confuses him. Lauren has a secret which makes her blow hot and cold with Montana. Loved the book. Montana was awesome. Half the time he didn't know why he kept wanting Lauren. She pretty much played his game and he didn't like it. Lauren was pretty strong but without knowing what her secret was until almost the end it was hard to judge why she was doing all she did. their relationship built slowly through out the book. Wasn't one night together and they were in love. Both Montana and Lauren were kicking and screaming the whole way trying to avoid admitting their feelings to themselves or each other. the sexual tension is there, the ups and downs of a relationship with two people who don't want to commit is the main theme. makes you want to yell at the book for them to get it together. It plays out nicely and has an outstanding ending. Wonderful read for loves of rock stars and romance. Who can resist an orange tipped mohawk bass player.

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Loved Montana throughout this whole series and now I loved his book! Amazing series :-)

loved this series and of course i was happy to read about mr delray..great read!

Loved it!!

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