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Who He Is (2013)

Who He Is (2013)

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Shanora Williams

About book Who He Is (2013)

Urgh this book!!! It made me so mad, but in the best way. Eliza Smith is a sweet young woman, she's happy to sit and draw or read but her dad has other plans for her now she's 21. He persuades her to join him as he tours with FireNine, the band he manages. Now i love the boys from FireNine, you've got Gage, the hot, sexy singer who is your typical rock star....on the surface. He takes a liking to Eliza and the feelings more than mutual. The only problem is Eliza's a virgin, and Gage will bed anything with the right bits. There were times reading this when i actually found myself shaking my head in disappointment. I found myself unable to put this down, racing to the end to see what happened, now i'm racing to start the next one for some answers. I loved the other boys in the band, Montana is a sweet, funny guy, Deed has got his own problems to deal with, not to mention Roy. I can't even begin to try and figure out his story. It was okay, the characters seemed really desperate for attention, and I only say this because they tried to act tough and they were crying every moment they got and I'm sorry but it was really annoying. Gage's reason for why he doesn't want to feel doesn't make since to me and that just annoyed the living shit out of me. Eliza's past wasn't explained too much, but that's okay. really it was okay. I didn't really care for the characters too too much, it was more like an "oh that sucks for you" and the first days on the tour sounded like they took place over the course of a couple weeks instead of a few days seeing how their relationship was growing at that fast of a pace.

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THIS BOOK WAS HOTTTTT a MUST MUST read i cant wait for more!!;) heheeh

4.5 Cliffhanging Stars..................

DNF 65%Life is too short for bad books.

This a nice to read.

3.5 stars

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