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Series: FireNine

by Author Shanora Williams


Who I'm Becoming (2000)

I loved Montana in the other FireNine books! I was so excited when I found out he would have his own book! Of course, I had hoped that his book would live up to the way I had built him up in my mind… and it did!!! You truly can’t help but fall further in love with Montana Delray! Montana has alwa...

Who I'm Becoming (2000) by Shanora Williams

Who He Is (2013)

Urgh this book!!! It made me so mad, but in the best way. Eliza Smith is a sweet young woman, she's happy to sit and draw or read but her dad has other plans for her now she's 21. He persuades her to join him as he tours with FireNine, the band he manages. Now i love the boys from FireNine, you'v...

Who He Is (2013) by Shanora Williams