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BEWARE (2014)

BEWARE (2014)

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Shanora Williams

About book BEWARE (2014)

I HAVE TO BOW DOWN TO SHANORA....AMAAAAAAAZING Well what the hell do you know..... Shaonia just rocked my world!!!!!Ok who the hell is this Sexy god Ace he is a little arrogant and crude but he certainly gets me going.London suffered a tremendous loss at the age of 8 her big brother Jonah is all the family she has left. He looks after her in every way.At 24 years old London is graduating college and of cause her loving and supportive big brother is there to cheer for her but this time he is not alone he has a friend with him and they all hang out and Jonah surprises her with a brand new car all is well and happy until he is called away suspiciously. London follows him to see what he is up to what what she discovers changes her life forever, she witnessed her brother being taken from her in the most brutal way.She is left devastated, broken and in a world of danger the men that killed her brother is after her and the only person left connected to her brother and the business he got involved with that caused his death wants her to trust him. But can she?!? What does Ace really want?!? And for how long can they deny the deadly attraction between them.I will not say another word about the plot its just too much to get into and I really would not want to spoil this epic tale of twist and turn for anyone. I do have one warning get tissues ready for the ending. You will not see this ending coming at all and even if you manage to figure it out, it is still going to wreck you like a million ton wrecking ball. Beware is written from both London and Ace's Point of view. Every single word jumped off the pages in vivid colour and action, I was swept away in the dangerous and excited world created by Shanora. I still cannot find the right word the right words do this book justice. Please just understand that this book rock, the storyline is great, the writing is great and the flow is great. I really could not fault anything about this book. 5 Stars all the way. I would 100% recommend Reviewed By Natasha 'Beware', has never been translated into my language (Italian). Now I'm writing into English to hope to be understood by everyone.I read the plot and it sounded good! Moreover another writer had written very well about S. Williams (a blogger), Ace and London. I wanted to know so much more! I was angry with our publishers, because they don't publish a lot of interesting works.It's the first time I read one of her works and I hope it's not last, because I felt mystery, danger, passion, tragedy, sacrifice. It's well written and the story is well-developed through action and feelings. No one knows what happens later or who will survive. I have to say, I read a lot of books and it's hard to surprise me. Every story seems so predictable and boring. 'Beware' caught my attention until the sad end.For me, it was like a puzzle (Ace wants something from London, but the reader doesn' t know what, Ace fires Kraneh, but I don't know why), but then each piece falls into place.At first I thought London would have found the diamonds hidden into her new car, but I have to admit S. Williams's idea was better than mine.At the end I still doubted Ace and hoped his death. Just because it raises emotions, because it's not the typical happy ending. Sometimes life is hard and she wrote about it.I loved 'Beware' in every single page, because It has crossed the ocean to Italy and to my heart.

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Asmira u ovom trenutku te volim jako malo!vise necu citati knjige koje ti kazes da moram!

I really would have given five if not for the ending.

Not thrilled with ending. It felt rushed.

I hate the ending!

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