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Vstříc Temnotě (2012)

Vstříc temnotě (2012)

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About book Vstříc Temnotě (2012)

I literally cannot fathom how people gave this book 4 or 5 stars.She used, no words.The book was written in dot points.No emotion.No description.Somewhat like this review. I get that books should be fast paced but there is a difference between necessary description and no description. Also I hated the main characters. They were both so annoying. They were both too flawed and alone..Rant over I don't recall disliking any main characters as much as I disliked Janie and Cabel. They were unnecessarily angry with each other for most of the book, then unreasonably lovey-dovey when they got over whatever tenuous reasons they had to be upset. There was very little to admire about either one of them. If their enemies hadn't been even more despicable than they were, I would have been rooting against them the whole story. Furthermore, I don't think Janie's dream catching had anything to do with the story. Everything she accomplished toward the goal (catching the bad guys) just kindof happened. Her dreams were like a side-note, a complication, occasionally providing a little extra information, mostly just providing those tenuous reasons for her to be sorry for herself and mad at her boyfriend. Finally, there was nothing surprising. No "it looks like it'll be Mr. Plumb with the candlestick... but aHA! it was Mrs. Peacock with the rope all along!". Just the gradual gathering of more and more proof that the bad guy is bad so that he can be caught and everyone can be happy again (or at least back to being sad about their day-to-day existence again). Bleh.

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I liked this book a lot. Though sometimes I still get a little confused with the way it's written.

Dream Catcher Trilogy (#2). YA fiction.

I love this book it was so good.

Very good!

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