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Pudar (Fade) - Wake Series Book 2 (2010)

Pudar (Fade) - Wake Series Book 2 (2010)

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fade was a bit better than the first book but I don't get how she's always leaving her mom letting her be a drunk etc her and cable relationship is like child's play it's obvious that he has abandonment issues and Janie is having a issue with her sleeping dream powers and she feels alone in the world blah blah blah I just think they're doing to much for teenagers whos in high-school idk that's just me how I feel I love this book with a passion based on it's characters alone. They are intricately woven and the relationship between Cabel and Janie is realistic, believable, and heart achingly imperfect. But that being said, the writing isn't perfect. The author repeatedly leaves subjects out of her sentences. (Leaves the room. Looks at her. Bend over and takes a breath. Etc.) I get that it's a cool artistic thing (and I quite liked it for a while), but it makes the flow of the reading choppy. It could be more effective if it was used a little less. The plot is moved along pretty much solely on fights with Cabel and clues, which can get pretty repetitive. What about Carrie? What about Janie's mom? It's very hard to know what Janie is thinking at times. But the setting is where this book is really, really lacking. Looking back, I have no concrete picture of anywhere Janie has been: school, house, or even an image of her street or town. She literally walks into the house where the climax takes place and the description basically says: "There's a living room. And some chairs. And a kitchen. And a bedroom with a bathroom."I have no idea if the place is a mansion or a dump. I couldn't even picture Janie herself! No hair color, body type, popularity status, etc. I need some solid information. Overall, though, it's hard not to like FADE. It addresses a serious and uncomfortable topic that makes me cringe and lean forward all at the same time. Definitely, though: another level of maturity is needed to read this than it is to read WAKE.

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