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Teme (2010)

Teme (2010)

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This is so much better than the first book! It's just really addicting to read. I especially adore Janie and Cabel's scenes. :)As much as I want to read more about Janie and Cabel's relationship and Janie's ability, a lot of people says it's better to stop in this 2nd book because the last one is disappointing so I'm having second thoughts..Oh well, I guess I'll still have to read and judge it myself. :p I read this book for a read-a-thon and it was pretty good. I give it a 3.8/5. The first book was so good and had a crazy twist. I was hoping more for this one but I was honestly a bit disappointed. However, I think this was necessary to move the story along. What I was most disappointed in was the mission the main character was given from the Captain. I can't really explain it, it just didn't feel right. Everything else was great so I am definitely going to read the third and final book to the trilogy. I totally recommend this series to people who like YA books with a bit of scifi and drama. Will be reviewing more books in the future.You can also find me on Instagram: @treborknows

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This book was pretty good. Lisa McMann has a very interesting style of writing that I really enjoy.

The language will keep me from reading more of this author. It's way too heavy for teens.

I just read it within 3 hours, just simple and okay, not bad, and five stars for McMann!

síce ten štýl písania stále bil do očí,ale o niečo lepšie ako jednotka =D

3.5 stars

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