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Series: Dream Catcher

by Author Lisa McMann


A Sweetness to the Soul (2008)

Another excellent historical novel by Kirkpatrick about Joseph and Jane Sherar, a couple who made a huge impact on the settlement of Oregon near Multnomah Falls. Based on historical characters and events, A Sweetness to the Soul recounts the captivating story of young, spirited Oregon pioneer Jan...

A Sweetness to the Soul (2008) by Jane Kirkpatrick

Vstříc temnotě (2012)

I literally cannot fathom how people gave this book 4 or 5 stars.She used, no words.The book was written in dot points.No emotion.No description.Somewhat like this review. I get that books should be fast paced but there is a difference between necessary description and no description. Also I hate...

Vstříc temnotě (2012) by Lisa McMann

Tükeniş (2011)

So after reading Wake I was a bit hesitant to pick this book up. Now I wouldn't say it was horrible, but it wasn't my favorite. The plot was super interesting, but I feel like there isn't any depth to the characters; Like I'm not attached to Janie or Cabel. Other than that, the story was great! S...

Tükeniş (2011) by Lisa McMann

Teme (2010)

This is so much better than the first book! It's just really addicting to read. I especially adore Janie and Cabel's scenes. :)As much as I want to read more about Janie and Cabel's relationship and Janie's ability, a lot of people says it's better to stop in this 2nd book because the last one is...

Teme (2010) by Lisa McMann

Pudar (Fade) - Wake Series Book 2 (2010)

fade was a bit better than the first book but I don't get how she's always leaving her mom letting her be a drunk etc her and cable relationship is like child's play it's obvious that he has abandonment issues and Janie is having a issue with her sleeping dream powers and she feels alone in the ...

Pudar (Fade) - Wake Series Book 2 (2010) by Lisa McMann