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The Wake Trilogy: Wake; Fade; Gone (2011)

The Wake Trilogy: Wake; Fade; Gone (2011)

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Simon Pulse

About book The Wake Trilogy: Wake; Fade; Gone (2011)

I was sooooo confused!In fact, my brain was so boggled, I quit halfway through the book :(Yes, I am slightly ashamed to admit this ^^^. But I was so frustrated, and annoyed with the characters. I kept waiting for some sort of plot or character development to occur, and it just DIDN'T. So I refuse to read anymore. My rule is: if a story can't catch my interest by halfway through it, the book does not deserve to be read.On the bright side, the whole 'dream catcher' idea was cool, and I love Carrie. Everything else, not so much. I was really confuse with this trilogy. The first book was just... Terrible. I could not describe how many times I was just thinking, "what the heck???" I really did not need to know how big Carrie's boobs were in Melinda's dream. The second book was a lot better, but the first book made me wary about what else was going to be in this series. By far, the best book in the trilogy was Fade, where she had to investigate the sexual predator. The series finally had some kind of direction, and I understood all the characters a lot better. The third book to me was just, hm... Okay. It's where she has to make all of the really tough long term decisions, etc. However, basing an entire book on that just made me want to fall asleep. Overall, I give this trilogy 3 stars. Meh.

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it talks about sex

These books were very powerful to me. I can't explain it.

So far I've read Wake and Fade. Loved both of them.

It was Awesome, mysterious and fun!

Really good book!

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