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Unholy Magic (2010)

Unholy Magic (2010)

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0345515587 (ISBN13: 9780345515582)
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After the promise of the first book, and the quality writing of the first couple of shorts, this is a bitter disappointment. The writing feels choppy. Jumping around. Odd, random, disjointed transitions that make me feeling like pages and whole chapters have been ripped out of the book.And what's with this idiocy of private security guards being able to search Chess? Being able to say no to being questioned? As I read it, the church is the new government of this society. She's...not a cop, exactly, she's not on the "black squad". But she's decidedly in the hierarchy of "law enforcement". She's conducting an official investigation, upon the request of the property owner, and private security can jerk her around?I get that this is a different situation, but that sounds a fuckload like interfering with an ongoing investigation to me.Then again, in reality, no employer I've ever met would be able to overlook just how fucked up this chick is on a daily basis. This book is sort of a love hate situation with me. I love the characters and the world but the emotions and relationship between Chess and Terrible are so raw in this book that at one point I actually had to put the book down because it was just too much! Kane strips these characters down and makes the reader feel everything her characters are feeling. The book is intense! This is my least favorite book of the first three in the series but I still love it!

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Very happy I stuck with the series. Much more satisfying an ending than the first book!

it had some interesting elements but not my new favorite series

Winter reading...saving the next one for Halloween -

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