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City Of Ghosts (2010)

City of Ghosts (2010)

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0007352840 (ISBN13: 9780007352845)
Harper Voyager

About book City Of Ghosts (2010)

Wow, this book is really good; the best so fare in this series. Here Chess finally starts to learn from her mistakes and slowly changing. It is very capturing to follow her when she slowly starts to deal with thing.Also Terrible reapers just when you start to miss him. I have to admit that I fell in love with him in the first book, but here his behavior towards Chess almost makes me hate him; just almost because the portion of hatred is perfectly balanced. The case is really interesting too this time. (not like the others are boring; but this really good) this time it has many characters twisted in it and explores the world of the Downside Ghosts further. I loved reading up about Chess relationship with Elder Griffin. Just as Lauren is good for the story, even though she is annoying as hell; she makes chess grow a little stronger. BUT one thing, I don't recommend to read it before bed if you are easily grossed out. It really has it moment becoming very disgusting; but this is also kinda part of the charm of the series. Sometimes romances in books are incredibly boring. Antagonistic romances tend to be that way, especially when their is an undercurrent of attraction underneath all of the fighting. The "romance" in this series has been pretty slow building and definitely rocky, but it has definitely managed to be interesting throughout. Chess is sometimes annoying, mostly because she turns to pills to fix everything, but she's so self-aware about all of issues that she has that it's difficult to actually dislike her at any point. Her other half, Terrible, is overly muscled, violent, sometimes murderous and yet pretty vulnerable. The fact that you can see all of this simultaneously must be a credit to the author's writing or something. It makes for interesting reading, which you don't always get in the cheesy paranormal romance category.As always, the overarching conflict in the story is pretty good. It gets somewhat confusing when a second element of contention is introduced, and I am still not completely sure what each groups motives were in the end, but things still manage to resolve pretty neatly in the finish. Kane remembers small details throughout the book, which makes things that would otherwise be somewhat deus ex machina work. 4.5 out of 5

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I just can't get enough of Chess.Fantastic series, great characters, great stories.

Given up on the series. Cannot tolerate Chess anymore.

Great entry in this series.

Review to follow.

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