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Geisterflut (2010)

Geisterflut (2010)

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It was okay I guess. Main character was meh. Kind of lame that bumping a line of speed is what saves the day. Oh boy! I mean for a unlikable character she could at least kick ass or something, instead she just gets beat up repeatably and is usually wrong about all her deductions of who is the bad guy and then she pulls out the win. Okay it was kind of fun to read in parts if you want a quick trashy fantasy that is really a bad mystery book with magic and ghosts. Okay I am done. It really wasn't that bad I just felt like rambling. I really enjoyed this book, WAY more than I thought I would. Especially after I had read that the main character was into drugs. I didn't think I would enjoy that aspect of her, but it wasn't the main focus of her character and the reasons that she does them, while I don't agree with, I can understand why she does it. She's had a hard life and I'm sure we haven't even scratch the surface of all that she's endured.Now, Terrible... I just don't have words. Already I'm half in love with him. He's the type of character that you can tell SO much by his actions. I love that. He's obviously physically not the typical love interest, but I think that makes him even more attractive. The one downside of Downside(hehe,pun) is that there seems to be a love triangle forming. I don't know much about the rest of the story and I'm trying to keep myself in the dark but the fact that Lex is there it seems to be going down that road. Normally, I don't like these kind of troupes but in my opinion, Lex, while kind of yummy, doesn't have long distance written over him. I also get the feeling that there's... I don't know, distance between them. Chess has already said that she feels trust with Terrible but not so much with Lex, at least not in the same way. Can't wait to get my hands on book 2.

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could not finish. not sure if it's a regional difference but could not follow the dialogue.

At first I wasn't convinced, but it turned out really good.

I couldn't stop reading! Cant wait to read the next book!

Excellent, alraedy got the next one..

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