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Une Semaine De Folie (2014)

Une semaine de folie (2014)

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2290073792 (ISBN13: 9782290073797)
J'ai Lu

About book Une Semaine De Folie (2014)

This book is showered with good reviews but sadly this review is not going to be one of them. There is Miss Minerva Highwood, who is a spinster, a blue-stocking, who sticks her face in her book even when she walks. I may say, she is adorable and funny and charming but is too darn inconsistent. Upon the opening of the book, she knocked in the middle of the night at Lord Payne's door to convince him not to marry her older sister. Why do it in the middle of the night? When they meet most of the day since they are neighbors in a small countryside? She asked him to go with her instead to Scotland and fake elopement and accompany her for some geology presentation and she would give him the prize money just in order for him not to marry her sister. He replied that is preposterous and he would ruin her and finally assured her that he is not going to marry her older sister anyway. But you know what? This Minerva Highwood keep on pressuring him to go with her. Why? So that he wont marry her older sister. But as I said, he already assured her he wont do that but she kept on pestering him. It was so downright obvious and cheap that SHE just wants to ensnare him with all those cheap excuses of hers. But of course finally, she succeeded getting him to be with her and from that then on they had series of adventures here and there. They were robbed, slept at an inn on one bed (because he insisted he never sleeps alone and of course she humored him), she sang at a tavern and surprise, surprise she has the most beautiful voice ever ( a blue-stocking with a golden voice? my my.....), he was kidnapped but she eventually saved him by using a gun.... Reading all those activities they had made me exhausted. I wanted to say stop.. please stop... this is no fun at all. Well, eventually, after they masturbated each other and had oral sex, they finally DID it. It was so mindblowing that just a minute after they did it, he revealed all the skeletons in his closet. My, so touching indeed. I'll tell you a secret.. I was few pages away from the ending and I just couldn't damn finish it. ! As I have mentioned before, one of the things I like about ebooks is that my library is open 24/7. I don't buy romance novels, but our library system has always had plenty. These stories are not respected by some of the staff, but they know that we have lots of romance readers. There are also lots of romance ebooks available.So last Saturday when I was on vacation and not feeling well, I went on line to find a new author. The reviews of Dare's series on Novelist Plus convinced me that she would be a good historical romance writer to try. The reviews were not wrong.I like having an unconventional heroine in my stories. Women who do the unexpected make for good reads. Minerva, who collects fossils is as unconventional as I could imagine for the time period. Dare makes her fairy-tale believable and she makes Colin, Lord Payne a rake worthy of Minerva's love.All in all, I had a great time.

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I liked this one better than the first in the series. This one had a few laugh out loud moments.

Humorous and delightful. I wish the ending had been slower, but overall I enjoyed it.

My favorite out of the 3 Spindle Cove books I've read so far!

4.5 ratingReview to come!

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