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Un Mariage Au Clair De Lune (2014)

Un mariage au clair de lune (2014)

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J'ai Lu

About book Un Mariage Au Clair De Lune (2014)

I truly enjoyed this book. You root for Kate to get the fairytale the entire time not knowing how it will play out. Love or family and how could she have both. I feel like she was my friend. However, not so much with Thorne. I wanted to be swept away by this mysterious man but still felt arm lengths away from him. That is my only complaint, to feel more connected to him but otherwise loved this book. This entire series has been a complete joy to read. Ever since the soldiers arrived in Spindle Cove, Corporal Samuel Thorne has been avoiding Miss Kate Taylor. But when Kate is stranded in town without the means to return home, Corporal Thorne offers her a ride. Sharing a horse, a puppy, and a passionate kiss, Kate and Samuel arrive home to find a family of aristocrats claiming Kate may be their long lost cousin. Samuel doesn't trust them. In order to protect her, Samuel declares that he and Kate are engaged. Kate soon finds herself falling in love with the reticent commander. But Samuel knows that he must keep his distance and not act on his attraction to her or secrets from the past may ruin her life.After reading the previous books in the series, I couldn't wait to get started on this one. Kate is an orphan looking for a place where she can be accepted and someone to love her. Samuel is a quiet man who doesn't believe he has much to offer a woman. The Grammercy family are an eccentric bunch who think Kate may be one of their relatives. They are a nice addition and totally fit in with the rest of the inhabitants of Spindle Cove. This book wasn't as light or as funny as the previous books, but the characters and the romance make this one a winner. My rating: 5 Stars.

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These characters make me and for them in the first few chapters. What wonderful writing!

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