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Un Moment D'abandon (2014)

Un moment d'abandon (2014)

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2290073784 (ISBN13: 9782290073780)
J'ai Lu

About book Un Moment D'abandon (2014)

Miss Finch is the ultimate heroine in the Regency era. She has found a new way for Spindle Cove aka Spinsters' Cove to survive the economy brought on by England's war. She caters to the women in the ton who are overlooked. Or, misdiagnosed for ailments and issues that too often subject them to poor medical treatment.Fresh air, exercise and tea are in order.Yet, Bram (Lt. Colonel Bramwell) interrupts her life and true battle ensues. Who will win the town? Will there be a need for militia in their fishing village? What about the cosmic attraction these two characters feel for each other. Will it be Miss Finch's ruin to let down her guard and let love in. Great setting and fabulous characters. Love the female geologist character who gets her own story in "A Week to be Wicked." I'm glad that I read the Spindle Cove books out of order, and read this one last of all because I had trouble getting through it. I think this was made worse by the fact I knew how good the book could be (I love #3 and #4 in this series), and went in with extremely high expectations.In short, this book is too long with too many contrived plot points. I could maybe handle that if it hadn't taken about 2/3's of the book for me to warm up to the characters. :/Definitely read the other books in the Spindle Cove series (well, you could skip #1.5 if you like), as they are much better. I think Thorne and Kate's story is my favorite of them all.

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I'm calling this a fluffy romance, lighthearted, sweet, not really deep. I nice, fun read.

It was good, not the typical historical romance....I got the second book on order.

This was my first Tessa Dare and I vote yeah! I especially enjoyed Dinner ;)

A new series to enjoy.

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