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Una Sorpresa Sulla Fifth Avenue (2012)

Una sorpresa sulla Fifth Avenue (2012)

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8820052725 (ISBN13: 9788820052720)
Sperling & Kupfer

About book Una Sorpresa Sulla Fifth Avenue (2012)

Jillian is a housewife and mom who has lost her identity in motherhood. She gives up her career to become a stay at home mom. She is unhappy and unfulfilled in her life and marriage after 7 years in the suburbs. She goes back in time to before she was married with the knowledge of the future and has to decide what path her life is going to take with this second chance at her life. What really resonated with me is the depiction of loneliness and isolation she felt in her marriage due to the lack of true communication with her husband. One day you wake up and you don't recognize yourself or the person you married and you think how did we get to this point. I found this to be a really good read. I'm going to write a review because I'm angry. Well, being angry would mean that I was actually really involved in the book and... meh, not really.So, first things first. Corny as it is, the idea of Jill going back in time is cool. I mean, that Jack seemed like a nice dude in the first chapter, and because I do not like the obvious romantic choice, I was rooting for him. But then Henry comes in, like it was fate or whatever, and I believe in fate and it pissed me off because Henry could not make Jill happy. Even if Katie did, he didn't. Another thing that I didn't like is the Katie obsession. I know, she's a mum, and mum's have this thing for their children where they would go to the end of the world and back an infinite number of times for them. Sorry, I am not a child person. I don't want kids, so this is completely unrelatable to me, and I guess that I kinda need to relate to the characters I'm reading.I did relate to Jillian in her career. Which is why I was so mad when she decided that she wanted to go back to her wife-in-a-suburban-area life. Had it been me, I would've dumped Jack (and her mother, 'cause ugh annoying much), I would've forgotten about Henry, and I would have focused on being an awesome Cola girl. And maybe some day she'll find someone who can truly make her happy.And this is more a rant than a review, because Jill had potential and they turned it into another chick-lit heroine. How original.

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3.5? It gets extra credit for being much better than I thought it would be.

It was good, but I wasn't thrilled with the ending.

Loved this book!!!

Loved this.


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