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The Neighbour (2009)

The Neighbour (2009)

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About book The Neighbour (2009)

Finally, a Detective D.D. Warren that features the detective herself! Wryly funny, intellectually fierce, and downright feisty, D.D. has a unique way of looking at her life and at the case she must solve. A beautiful schoolteacher and beloved mother has gone missing, and all the statistics, but no evidence, point to her husband as having "disappeared" her. This mystery was a true puzzler, one that kept me speculating right up 'til the end. Even with the author choosing four character's points of view to share, including that of the victim herself, the solution is far from obvious. That said, the answer does flow logically from the story's clues. As always, the author is adept at presenting her characters as fully fleshed-out and well-rounded individuals. This is as true in the personage of the 23-year-old sex offender who lives a few houses down from our missing schoolteacher as it is for the increasingly desperate husband and father whose life has imploded with his wife's disappearance. Kudos to Gardner for a fascinating look inside characters with whom most of her readers will have nothing in common. Highly recommended. This book had me hooked from the very beginning! And once I realized the connection with Say Goodbye I was amazed! Granted the timelines don't really match up for me but the overall storyline was skin crawlingly good! The multiple perspectives had be thinking who done it and everytime I thought I knew the whole story another plot twist bomb was dropped! Well done Lisa Gardner, well done! The story has a little of the Gone Girl type plot line but with some different twists. A great book that shows not everyone is perfect or is how they seem.

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Good murder mystery. Kept me guessing. I'm planning to read more of the series.

This is the best book in the series so far. I can't wait to read the next one

Okay series. This one didn't end as expected.

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