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Sessiz Çığlık (2012)

Sessiz Çığlık (2012)

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About book Sessiz Çığlık (2012)

A young mother disappears from her home in the middle of the night leaving her small daughter alone, asleep in her bed. No clothes, credit cards, money, or purse are missing. Detective Sergeant D. D. Warren is put in charge of the investigation and finds many conflicting clues--men and women she had known, places she was supposed to have been sighted, her background, and many other supposedly important facts. As is the usual in a supposed murder investigation the husband is the first person of interest, but they can't seem to find any real evidence to prove it; no body has been found.D. D. has found too many possible persons of interest--husband, neighbor down the street who is a registered sex offender, her estranged father, and a possible lover. D. D. has her work cut out for her. Is it any wonder why Lisa Gardner's third D.D. Warren novel received such high praise and buzz people from within the publishing circle?Winner of an ITW (International Thriller Writers) award, "The Neighbor" is an adrenaline thrill-ride at its riveting best.A missing mother of a four-year-old girl suddenly disappears. Was she kidnapped? Murdered? At the top of the suspect list is the strange-acting husband, Jason Jones, a journalist with a few dark secrets of his own. What is he hiding? Was he involved in his wife's vanishing act?As no-nonsense detective sergeant D.D. Warren and her partner, detective Brian Miller, begin nosing around for clues to the whereabouts of Sandra Jones, a slew of other suspects materialize, adding fire to the already bizarre case, making it much more challenging for Warren and Miller to decipher what exactly is happening in the small peaceful South Boston neighborhood.The pacing of the novel is near perfect, as each chapter, told from different perspectives of the characters, is suspenseful enough to keep the reader flipping pages to the final chapter. The writing is sharp and clever, as is the harrowing dialogue between characters. Every other chapter is told from the young mother's POV, which is narrated in absorbing, meticulous prose.Everything is wrapped up in chapter thirty-five with believable, entertaining dialogue and action. "The Neighbor" can be read out of order from the other series novels, but a startling revelation toward the end of the story will have readers searching for another great read by Gardner: 2008's "Say Goodbye."Avid readers of suspense and crime should not miss this near-perfect novel.

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Really enjoyed the writing style - kept me guessing what was going to happen up until the end!

this was by far the best in the series thus far

Okay story, not as suspenseful as I hoped.

Did not like as well as Hide.

Great mystery!

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