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O Vizinho (2011)

O Vizinho (2011)

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About book O Vizinho (2011)

Out of all the books I've read by Lisa Gardner(this being my third so far) i have to say this was probably the most unique that I have come across yet. Just like Alone and Hide, The Neighbor is told from the point of view of multiple individuals. There's Detective Sergeant D.D Warren from the BPD's Homicide Unit who is brought in by a detective in South Boston to help in an investigation of a missing person, a young mother named Sandra Jones. Her husband Jason is a reporter and his reluctance to cooperate makes him a suspect. The story is also told from his point of view making the reader question his innocence. If Jason Jones has nothing to hide, then why not cooperate with the police? Then there is Aiden Brewster, a registered sex-offender who lives close by. The neighbor. The Story is also told from his point of view as well. There is much mystery to him as there is to Jason Jones that makes the reader not only question his innocence, but feel sympathy for him as well. Then there's the point of view of the missing person herself, Sandra Jones. The italic font makes you wonder if your reading from the prospective of a dead or dying woman reliving flashbacks of her life before the inevitable or if there is something else. The ending was a surprise you might and might not see coming. There will definitely be some shock value and you will find yourself feeling bad for someone you probably normally wouldn't feel bad for.Like most of Lisa Gardner's stories, it is told in the point of view of multiple characters, but out the the three books that I have read in the D.D Warren series, this one felt the most realistic and relatable up till the explosive finale. It is definitely worth reading and you're probably going to relate more to the other characters than Sergeant Warren. I'm hoping that the next D.D Warren books I read will have more character development on D.D. Other than those minor things, 5 star! • I do not read suspense novels by female authors. IMO I never believe female authors could write really good and convincing suspense stories. I don’t believe female suspense writers can capture the true atrocious and conniving ways of a killer or give any chilling, timorous cliff-hanger details…to the point you can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. This book just proved me right. This did not seem like a convincing suspense novel at all. Here is why…- I didn’t feel any true emotions within any of the characters that would grab my attention to the point it truly makes me wonder if they were the perpetrator. The husband’s behavior was bland; and then all of a sudden at the end of the book he was just so in love with his wife and he’s always wanted…boy what a just wasn’t believable. The neighbor behavior was also bland and not at all eerie or disturbing enough for me to think he was a threat to anyone.- The detectives investigation was even flat…to me there wasn’t enough hardcore investigation…example…I wanted to see some police chase rather on foot, car etc, some surprising find that shocks you and change everything you’ve been thinking, I want to see the detective get a little tough so you know they are serious about finding this woman. The whole investigation was a bunch of talking, saying the same thing and re-using the word “sex offender” a hundred times….the whole sex offender storyline just started to get confusing and very complicated… This really wasn’t a suspense or mystery really…it’s a drama about a couple having marital and family issues…- I guess I’m just use to true suspense writers like Jeffery Deavers, James Patterson, David Baldacci, Harlan Coben and the like. In the books of these authors, your heart is racing, your thoughts are all over the place wondering what’s going on, you’re on the edge of your seat, and they are page turners….I’ll stick to men writers from now on.

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When I'm in the mood for a mystery, Gardner doesn't disappoint.

I enjoyed her whole series the detective DD Warren series

Could anyone tell me if it's any good please

My least favorite of this series.

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