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Kızım İçin Son Kez (2011)

Kızım İçin Son Kez (2011)

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About book Kızım İçin Son Kez (2011)

3.5 starsThis was a surprisingly enjoyable read. I was in a mood for something mysterious and twisted, and got exactly that. When I read Touch and Go, I didn't realized that that book was the second in the series. When I bought It last year on Amazon, no where, at that time, was it mentioned that it was part of the series. It read like a stand alone. I only realized that when I came across this book. Weird. This book is actually the fifth in D.D. Warren series, and some sort of spin off of the new series.The book is well written, had a decent pace and incredible amount of research on the subject matter.I did found it over described at times, especially the first half of the book. It felt like the author kept getting lost in countless descriptions of the smallest things. Details of heroine being incorserated would have been much more interesting for someone who's reading a thriller for the first time. For me personally, all the procedures were boring because they were too detailed, even for a thriller.It was a lot of general job discriptions rather than the descriptions of the person's job in this particular case. I remember the second book being much better by not having all that.The story did unravel nicely at the end, with couple really nice twists along the way, but constant speculations and new theories were annoying. Especially when I realized how far off they were. Once I understood how everything went down, the endless speculations became meaningless, and pretty quickly boring.I liked overall story. However, I did had an issue with the very last bit of the book. It was a case of massive proportions, with a lot of people involved. When the police discovered the details, it turned out that they barely scratched the surface. If I hadn't read the second book already, I would've thought that there will be a continuation. But I did and it's not. The story ended with the case barely investigated, and was pretty much dismissed at the end. Is that some sort of open ending? I don't know. I'm still a fan of Gardner's though. She writes mean twists and her stories are never predictable. Sangue na Neve é o quinto livro da série Detetive D.D. Warren de Lisa Gardner. Nunca li os outros livros e não senti nenhuma dificuldade em seguir esta história, por isso, os livros da série devem ser histórias que têm início e fim no mesmo número.Desta vez a detetive vai investigar um caso de homicídio supostamente realizado por uma policial. Tessa Leoni é acusada de matar o seu marido. O livro é dividido por capítulos que são narrados, de forma alternada, em terceira pessoa e em primeira pessoa pela visão de Tessa Leoni.Gostei muito do livro. Realmente o leitor, pelo menos aconteceu comigo, fica na dúvida até ao fim sobre o que terá realmente acontecido. Um ótimo livro de suspense.

Do You like book Kızım İçin Son Kez (2011)?

Lisa Gardner does it again! A fantastic action packed novel that kept me guessing till the end!

Wow. A crime whodunit with a woman as the unapologetic badass. Couldn't put it down.

Couldn't stop reading, but I'm kind of allergic to happy endings

Good author.

4.5 stars

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