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Neighbor (2009)

Neighbor (2009)

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0553906631 (ISBN13: 9780553906639)
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This was by far my favorite Gardner book, kept me guessing until the end. When a woman ups and disappears one Wednesday night, the husband is suspected, but then the investigation turns towards a neighbor who is a sex offender. It's a mystery where that Leads Detective D. D. Warren down a road that leads to past events that affect the husband and the wife in this case. I can see that Gardner writing has really improved. The characters were believable and the plot kept racing along, which kept me listening until the very end-which as I have said kept me guessing. A very unusual and entertaining book. Unlike most mysteries where the clever detective is the hero. This book takes a normal, attractive appearing family that had been raised with very abusive parents as the center of the story. The detective, D.D. Warren, one of Gardner's traditional lead characters leads a futile and frustrating investigation while the family finds it's own way to solve the crimes committed and the ultimate solutions to bring justice to the abusers. In other words, our fine lead detective works hard and chases blind leads and finds that justice is somehow accomplished in spite of her efforts.

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Excellent mystery. I normally don't read mysteries and this one has made me want to read more.

Love Lisa Gardner's writing. Really hard to put these books down.

I really enjoyed this book, there was a lot of twists.

still like lisa gardner

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