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The Kill Order (2012)

The Kill Order (2012)

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About book The Kill Order (2012)

The "Kill Order" was a very good book in my opinion. I saw "The Maze Runner" movie back in October. I had not known about the books so I was able to go into the books and even the movie completely unknowing of anything about the storyline. I found out that this is actually the prequel book for "The Maze Runner" and the two other books in the series. Mr. Dashner keeps you on your toes the whole time during the book! The chapters are fairly short, which I love! I found myself not wanting to put it down at all! Mr. Dashner knows how to describe things in the book so that you feel that you are actually seeing, smelling, tasting, or touching the things that are in the book. I am glad that I was able to see "The Maze Runner" movie first, then read this prequel book. It made the book and the movie fit together that much more. This book also made the movie make so much more sense. I definitely would recommend this book to my friends. Oh the Kill Order.To be honest, I was interested to see what this book would bring. But sadly, it didn't turn into the prequel we all wanted.(SEE FEVER CODE; 2016 CAN'T WAIT)Despite its flaws, it was still a relatively enjoyable installment if the series.Here is what I disliked:1): I disliked the constant flashbacks, they confused me sometimes and sometimes I didn't know what was a flashback or the real present day.2): Most of the characters seemed bland, and I never could really establish a connection with them like I could in the original trilogy, although I do appreciate the background on Teresa (DeeDee.)3): Overall, I feel future books in thee series have to be written from Thomas's POV. It felt strange without it. 4): Honestly, I wasn't very motivated to finish the book, I could easily put it down without the eagerness to read more.I have decent expectations for The Fever Code; let's pray it's not a Kill Order re-do.Am I right Gladers?

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By the time I finished reading the three trilogy books, I just didn't care anymore.

I am still very confused.


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