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The Iron Knight (2011)

The Iron Knight (2011)

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0373210361 (ISBN13: 9780373210367)
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About book The Iron Knight (2011)

I have really enjoyed the Iron Fey series and this book was no exception. It was interesting to see Puck and Ash interact with Meghan as a buffer. I didn't really like Ariella. At first, I thought I would like her because I saw that she was trying to help Ash accomplish his goal and she helped heal some of the damage to Puck and Ash's relationship. However, it felt like she kept trying to find a way to keep Ash for herself as the story went on. That seemed so out of character and annoying. The story definitely kept my attention and interest and I enjoyed the drama and the adventure.Just a side note, could we (meaning everyone who does this) stop trying to make every series like Twilight? I have read several reviews which talk about Team Puck and Team Ash. Just stop it! Some stories are about more than just romantic triangles. Stop trying to make "teams" for every book with two male leads! One of the best fantasy novels, PERIOD. I picked this up at the library without the knowlage that it was part of a series, but even after I finished I still didn't know! This could make a great stand-alone novel, although I'm sure that as a series, it's even better. What I liked most about it, without going into too much detail, were the characters. All of them were written wonderfully, enjoyable, and their personalities were consistant throughout the entire book.My favorite characters were Puck and the Wolf, I love those guys.The story is also very well-written, incorperating famous literary characters like Puck form AMND, and the Big Bad Wolf with new ones into one epic quest for one man/boy(It's kinda confusing how old he is) journey to obtain humanity. The explanation for how these characters exist with each other is a little cliche, but it's only a very small nitpick. And the twists will have you either on the edge of your seat, laughing, or with a little tear on your eye. (I deny any existence of one on mine.)Overall, this is one of the best, if not THE best fantasy novel I have ever read, and I highly recommend it to any fantasy fan.

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3.5 good read with an interesting story. Ash POV. A nice change even if hard to get used to.

Omg this was literally so good definitely one of my all time favourite books

I thought this book was very boring.

oh my god, Ash....

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