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Spell Bound (2012)

Spell Bound (2012)

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1423121325 (ISBN13: 9781423121329)
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About book Spell Bound (2012)

Wow... This book is going to hunt me forever. I feel like I'm hangover after reading this. Once I started I couldn't stop. This hasn't happened for a year or so. WOW. Just... Wow. Characters are described flawlessly and the plot's really, and I mean REALLY, good. Sometimes I felt like I couldn't breathe because things were happening ALL THE TIME.But...Even though I rated it 5/5, I still think Cal deserved a better ending. Hm. Also, Ochio is looking for Archer and, I don't know, I just wish there was another book in this series. Or maybe that's just because I loved it so, so much and I fell in love with all the characters... Yes, all of them. Even Lara. This was a nice ending. I honestly could have enjoyed more of this. true some parts are a bit unfocused but i really enjoyed the wit and fun brought in with this book. Cal really upset me and because of that I am taking off 1 star. its bad enough that he has to be in love with someone who doesnt feel the same way/ I personally was totally team cal throughout the book and i realize where the author was going with him but I dont care and I like the idea of more balance which I feel Cal and sophie have together more so than sophie and archer, ahh well either way it was a good read

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Awesome book. but will there be a sequel for this main character?

Surprises, smiles, and tears in this third book of a good series.

A wonderful conclusion to the trilogy! Loved it!

very good book gotta love Sophie Mercer

my fav

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