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Rebel Belle (2014)

Rebel Belle (2014)

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0399256938 (ISBN13: 9780399256936)
Putnam Juvenile

About book Rebel Belle (2014)

A fairly fluffy concoction, even considering its fight scenes, superhero powers, and magical elements. Perhaps it’s more likely to be enjoyed by those who aren't looking for much in the way of depth in terms of characterization and those who don’t ask a lot of probing questions in terms of how and why oracles, paladins, and mages are turning up in Alabama in the 21st century. For me, this book was a bit like eating a donut that wasn’t very good: I know it’s nutritional value is zero, or even less than zero considering its caloric punch, but if it’s amazing--say Krispy Kreme chocolate iced--I find it worth the price I pay for eating it. This book was, for me, not worth the time I spent on it when I look at the cost-benefit ratio. It wasn’t the blissful escapism I expect for my paginated donuts. Escapism is pretty subjective stuff, and I love my Rachel Morgan Hollows series books, but this one didn’t mint my julep. Glaze my donut?Miss Harper Price runs her private high school as Student Government president; and if her life continues in its present course, she is set for a presidency of the Tri Delts at a fine Alabama university and later for the same office in the Junior League and beyond. First, though, she has to keep up her rule of the high school, the cheer squad, her perfect boyfriend, and the local debutante’s Cotillion. Immediate goal: homecoming tiara. Before the announcement of queen, Harper makes a quick trip to the bathroom for some lipstick adjustment that is interrupted with a dying janitor’s strange kiss, transferring his fighting prowess to her just in time for her to take out her history teacher before she joins poor Mr. Hall on the bathroom floor. With the help of Google, she deciphers the “pal” word uttered by the man who seems to have supercharged her on his last breath as “paladin.” A bit of quick research leads her to understand that her new-found crazy strength and agility are meant to help her protect, but who or what must she keep safe? Wouldn’t you just know that the recipient of her kick-butt skills is none other than David Stark, whose existence has plagued her since they started butting heads back in kindergarten and continues through his combative newspaper articles in junior year?A series of steps and missteps reveals that David is the current oracle, one of a long line going all the way back to the Ancient Greeks at Delphi. His powers are protected by Paladins who use strength as well as Mages who use spells, and the controllers of the Oracle’s power are a group of five who may not want this male oracle, usually weaker and less clear in his visions than the traditional female seers, to survive. A notable male oracle to Charlemagne underwent a spell to boost his power, and the results were disastrously deadly. One of the remaining mages has big plans that include a similar some spell on David, but she knows that Harper stands in her way. David’s one prophesy involves the upcoming Cotillion and images of Harper lying prone with a whole lot of red. Harper’s former plans may all come crashing down unless she finds a way to balance Homecoming Queen with protector of the one and only oracle of the generation. That David, he’s so annoying that she shouldn’t notice that he’s a little bit cute. But she does. Good depiction of a certain segment of (fairly) contemporary Southern life. Easy to recommend to many teens and therefore worth my time in that regard. I'll start by saying this book was not written for me. I read it for a book club. And I found myself feeling annoyed by Harper and her little quips. She comes across as trying too hard to be cute, but then I realized that most teenagers try too hard to be cute, and since this book was written for teenagers, her sayings and actions are quite appropriate. It was entertaining enough to finish, but I won't continue to read the series.

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eh? pretty okay but not enough for me to read the second book in the series.

Absolutely amazing, hot and hilarious!!

Great page turner

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