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Demonglass (2011)

Demonglass (2011)

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I really liked this book!It was still somewhat lacking in physical characterization of Sophie, but that is only a minor issue.The Love triangle: Oh My God!! I think this is the first love triangle I have come across that I can't pick one side! I really like Archer and Cal and really don't know who to pick. At this point I'm just gonna go along and be happy with whoever Sophie ends up with. I guess that is a plus; that I will be happy whatever the outcome....unless of course Sophie dies or something equally horrible!Anyway, great read. It's pretty quick and it gets into the story right boring lingering in the beginning when readers are a thinking "hurry up already!"Surprises? I didn't think this book was too predictable which is good. It's not the type of story where you know when, where, and how everything is gonna happen.Anyone who read Hex Hall will love this book! If you didn't read Hex Hall? go read it, then read Demonglass afterwards and enjoy :) It started a little slow, but when gained pace it was very good. I'd only complain about the love triangle that I find completely pointless and awkward... that is my kind of a man, but the thing isn't developed properly.Still having the same feelings about the characters, as if you took taiga, will, Charlotte and you put them on Sophie's life, living a nightmare proper of shadowhunters' world... which works perfect for me since I enjoyed all those things separately. XD

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I don't know who I want Sophie to end up still.

Actual rating 3.5Longer review to come.

this booked ruined me :D

2.5 stars. Too childish.

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