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Hex Hall (2010)

Hex Hall (2010)

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1423121309 (ISBN13: 9781423121305)
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About book Hex Hall (2010)

It's actually 3.5 stars out of 5. First of all, I didn't think I'd like the book and got hooked till I finished it in less than two days, which definitely says something for me. I also could feel that it was written by Rachel Hawkins, who also wrote Rebel Belle, the book that I read just before this. (especially the fact that the name Ryan was used in both book, though only as a very minor character in Hex Hall, both book also mentioned SGA and what was it I forgot but there was one more that makes me think "Okay, definitely the same author") - sometimes it felt too similar but after I've reached around mid of the book the feeling of similarity vanished.I am currently in the third book, Spell Bound, in less than five days (or less, actually). I was hooked to read continuously to the book, maybe because of the way the author didn't storytell in a complicated manner, if it make sense at all.It was a light read and it was entertaining, no doubt. I don't know whether I'd like to re-read it but it was definitely a nice reading experience! P.S : I am in team Archer, definitely. This story is in the same vein as Harry Potter, only with even more aspects that are sure to make Evangelical Christians forbid their home schooled off spring from reading it. I liked this sarcastic and tough main character and the fast moving storyline. It ends on a cliff hanger which made me immediately look up whether my library had the second book available as an e audiobook (unfortunately no). I"m dying to get my hands on the next book. A great read.

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Rachel Hawkins gave the Hex Hall the story it needed. Pay attention to house, its amazing!

It was really good, but at some points you couldn't understand what the author was saying.

It was cool ! really great .

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