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Siete Días De Locura (2013)

Siete días de locura (2013)

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About book Siete Días De Locura (2013)

This novel was an utterly delightful, spine tinglingly romantic, witty, and 'laugh out loud' funny read.In the first book of this series, A Night to Surrender, Colin Sandhurst comes least to me... as a rather good natured, fickle, prat, and Minerva Highwood a narrow minded, plain man hater. All intentional on the part of Tessa Dare to set the scene I am sure, Ms.Dare must have a tremendous imagination and sense of humour to have produced this hilarious and evocatively beautiful love story. Neither Minerva nor Colin are quite what they seem and their characters are developed over the course of the story until the deep running honour, kindness and loyalty of this pair bounces to the surface and one cannot help loving them both. Colin is a great improviser and Minerva quickly catches the manner of a natural soul whatever outrageous story he invents to get them to their goal. Their slowly emerging love story is charming and when they begin to trust each other and to strip away the emotional and painful layers which both hide under, especially Colin, the result is touchingly sad.This is an absolute winner Tessa Dare, loved it all, the humorous interaction, the ridiculous, but deliberate forgetting and mispronunciation of Minerva's name, the preposterously farcical tales Colin weaves...everything is just perfect. 5 well deserved stars. And thanks to my band of well trusted Goodreads reviewers, you never fail me! The second book in the spindle cove series is another amazing work by Tessa Dare. It was humorous, adventurous, full of thrills and unexpectedness.What I liked about the book was mainly the main characters. Colin looked like a devil may care rake with nothing in mind except flirting but he's much more than that. He's a tortured man, with surrounding that belittled him. I loved how he was optimistic most of the story, how unexpected he was, how adorably teasing he was, especially with the names thing, since the first book I knew it was intentional XD Min was kinda the same in a different light. She looked to others as the smartass stuck up scholarly girl or the useless nerd. Like Colin she was misunderstood and undermined as well (I kinda linked to her in the area were she was being belittled by her own mother cause I'm having the same issue), she turned out to be a sensitive timid girl that only needed some support and she would skyrocket anything.Of course this more was more intimate and thrilling and erotic than the previous ones, but who am I to refuse all the excitement XD they are most diffidently welcomed ^^Plus the adventurous part in this book was painted in a humorous way, they aren't doing anything wrong they are just misunderstood but they keep getting in to a problem after the other.Overall and as usual *thumps up*

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Min and Colin were so adorable and fierce.

Smart chicks are hot, what can I say? ;)

Very funny and enjoyable.

loved this story!

very good

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