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Nueve Reglas Que Romper Para Conquistar A Un Granuja (2011)

Nueve reglas que romper para conquistar a un granuja (2011)

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8492929448 (ISBN13: 9788492929443)

About book Nueve Reglas Que Romper Para Conquistar A Un Granuja (2011)

A Regency romance that does a great job of pulling me into the time period without making me realize I'm being pulled into the time period.Counting the Stars: A three out of five.A "spinster-on-the-shelf" pushes the boundaries of her socially-restricted world, and in so doing, attracts the attention of one of the area's most notorious rakes.I liked the attention the book brings to some of the conventions of the time period, things that today would seem ludicrous. Men's clubs, men's sporting buildings, a male-dominated society keeps women in a restricted lifestyle. This was normal in 1813, but it was nice to see a main character with the courage to challenge some of these norms.I always enjoy a good love story, but I felt that the book leaned heavily on more sex, less romance. To me, the scenes that build romantic tension without engaging in overt sex are much more effective and powerful than clothes-shedding. It takes more skill to write such a scene as well. Would I recommend? If you have a good filter. If you don't, stick with Pride and Prejudice. Now THERE'S a regency romance with social commentary and rapier wit that never grows old. I am currently coming down from the high that this book gave me, it was perfect. Beautiful, satifsfying. Everything you could want in a book. I don't know if it's because I finished it just two seconds ago or that it truly was magnificant..but I just thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I feel biased about Sarah MacLean's books and I hope there are more like this out there.The characters were all very likable, the chemistry between the Callie and Gabriel gave me chills and I'll be frank, Sarah MacLean knows how to write love making. This was a page turner for me, and at the end chapter 23 I had shivers and was so excited by Ralston. Ahh thank you for making a book so satisying, it was a breath of fresh air for me.

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My first book from this author and I loved it! Rereading it now (:

Tengo ganas de leer los siguientes, ¡sobre todo el tercero!

A romantic historical romance comedy :) Really good.

Me ha encantado :D

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