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Dieci Cose Da Seguire Per Non Farselo Sfuggire (2014)

Dieci cose da seguire per non farselo sfuggire (2014)

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8865085525 (ISBN13: 9788865085523)

About book Dieci Cose Da Seguire Per Non Farselo Sfuggire (2014)

This book is between the 3-4 rating. I’m undecided. The story had a lot of potential. The female lead had a house for women who were abused or just scared of their family. It was pretty awesome, but there was just this idea. Nothing was done with it. The story was mostly about the couple. So that was a pity.Isabel was an interesting character. She was strong, independent, honest and somewhat a social inadequate. Her father gambled her about seven times and resisted every suitor who tried to take her from the house. Nick wasn’t a rake. He was loving and caring. It was silly his tendency to fall in love for every denzel in distress, but he was lovable. He tries really hard to make Isabel love him and forgive him. He can’t just give up, which was awesome.The other main problem with the romance is that every scene was made to put this two characters together. They fall in love in 3 days. They get married. It was less realistic then the first volume of this series. I would have loved to see the progress more slowly.Nevertheless, I liked the story. It was really entertaining. The initial of each chapter with the Pearls & Pelisses journal was sweet. I’m looking forward to read more of Sarah MacLean books. Women are swarming after Lord Nicholas St. John after being named "London's Lord to Land" in a ladies magazine. To get out of town quickly, he takes a job tracking down the sister of the Duke of Leighton. Nick along with his Turkish friend, Rock, tracks Georgina to Townsend Park in Yorkshire, where she is staying with Lady Isabel Townsend. Isabel helps women in need of shelter. So far she has kept her runaways under wraps, but Nick just might find out the secrets hidden in the home and ruin the future of Isabel, her brother, and the women she's protecting.This is the second book in MacLean's Love by Numbers series. It is a good story but has no real surprises or originality. We've seen everything that happens in this book in other historical romances. Compared to the first book in the series, this book is lacking; but it is still a good story with interesting characters. My rating: 3.5 Stars.

Do You like book Dieci Cose Da Seguire Per Non Farselo Sfuggire (2014)?

It's attractive as I had expected. I'm curious about the third book's story of this series.

Smart and funny, just a super cute romance.

Nao e tao giro como os outris...


4.5 stars

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