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Le Paria (2014)

Le paria (2014)

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2290087041 (ISBN13: 9782290087046)
J'ai Lu

About book Le Paria (2014)

Finally the full story on Temple, and another fine example of a woman of wit and courage. I really enjoyed the book. I also really had a hard time with a plot point -- murder is a hanging offence in this time and place. That he might have gotten off due to status I believe, that he didn't stand any sort of trial at all stretches my credulity. Fortunately, Mara's sassy personality and house full of winsome orphans and a piglet is an excellent distraction. I absolutely loved this book. It had everything: a handsome hulking hero, a spunky heroine, a pet, and kids (in an orphanage). Mara Lowe unwittingly sets Temple up for murder. Even our hero doesn't know if he's a murderer or not since he was drugged and remembers nothing but waking up in a pool of blood. Now know as the Killer Duke, Temple fights those wishing to earn back their losses at the gaming tables. Mara's selfish and unredeemable brother wishes to fight the duke after losing everything at the tables. But the duke won't fight him. Little does Temple know that it was mostly Mara's money her brother actually lost. Mara steps into the fray to recoup her money by promising to show the ton she is very much alive, thus redeeming Temple and returning him to the world of the nobility. Twists and turns make this book a great read.

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I loved Temple's story. He deserved love just as much as everyone else!

This one was darker than the previous ones in the series.

Good book.


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