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Le Flambeur (2014)

Le flambeur (2014)

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J'ai Lu

About book Le Flambeur (2014)

Wow, I hated Bourne. It's been a while since I read a hero I despised as much as him. He was a cruel, hypocritical, jerk and I felt so sad for Penelope because obviously the very fact that she had no choice in her life made her happy to be with him. Pretty depressing honestly.The letters at the beginning of each chapter left me more angry with Bourne then connecting with him. He quit writing Penelope after his parents died - long before his "ruin." And I really didn't get how he could be so cruel to someone who he had supposedly cared about.I don't buy into the fact that someone else can redeem you and in this particular case his "ruin" was his own choice. It's like Bourne let everything happen to him and never really took responsibility for his own actions. His "ruin" was because of Langford and his "redemption" was because of Penelope.I gave this 2 stars though because there were a few redeeming qualities and i stayed up until 3:00am reading the book so obviously it was a compelling read for me. And I'm going to pick up book 2 today, so the sequel baiting was VERY effective. I just hope Cross doesn't turn out to be such jerk. Me lo leí anoche de una atacada y tengo que decir varias cosas, empiezo por las "malas":- Comete varios errores típicos del genero. Es un poco misogino en el sentido de que usa el "soy una mujer" o "te estas ablandando como una mujer" pero eso dentro del contexto histórico es lo normal. Tambien hacemos (me incluyo en esto) pensar demasiado a los hombres durante el coito... su cerebro no es como el nuestro, no son capaces de la multitarea, mientras frungen, estan concentrados en frungir, no en la profundidad de sus pensamientos :)))Por otra parte, las buenas cualidades son muchas:-dialogos divertidos.-Personajes que enganchan.-Ganas de leer el siguiente (MUCHAS)En resumen, me diverti un montón al leerlo y lo recomiendo sin reservas :)

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This was a fun read. Although I wanted to slap the man silly at times.

More fun from Maclean. 3.5 stars.

Super bon !

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