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A Rogue By Any Other Name (2012)

A Rogue by Any Other Name (2012)

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0062068520 (ISBN13: 9780062068521)

About book A Rogue By Any Other Name (2012)

My star rating:Plot: 4/5 Pacing: 5/5 Characters: 4.5/5World: (1830's)Romance: 4/5 Enjoyment level: 4.5/5 starsThis was a great quick read which reminded me why I so love this genre. I have missed it! A rogue by any other name had all the elements I love in a historical romance... a hardened but redeemed hero, a steadfast and strong heroine, a romance that wasn't a quick burn (not slow either :)). Just an all round feel good romance. I have long been disillusioned by the books coming out in the romance genre and in particular historical romance. For too many 'romance' equals sex and that is not why I read romance. So when I see my beloved genre turning more and more into erotica, I am saddened. THIS book, though is exactly what I love in the genre. I shall be reading a lot more of Sarah Maclean :) 3.5 starsI like the setup and the voice. I'm intrigued by the characters that own the gaming hell, the "scoundrels" of the series. The romance, the tension, and the conflict were all compelling. I liked the heroine, Penelope, with her transformation from good girl to kickass woman. Bourne was a real ass but he grew on me. There's something about this book that felt like it needed to be edited down. A repetitiveness to it that got tiresome and had me checking how far away I was from the end. Overall, a solid historical romance but not my favorite. The end has me wanting more, though, and I'm looking forward to book two in the series.

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Je suis à 100% sous le charme. Une romance histo comme je les aime, un vrai bonheur!

I loved this book! It was sweet and romantic. It would make a lovely movie.

enjoyable read, interested to read about other characters


C'est beau l'amuuuur!!!

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