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The Season (2009)

The Season (2009)

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0545048869 (ISBN13: 9780545048866)
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About book The Season (2009)

I was actually really surprised when I saw the bad reviews that came alongside this book. People seemed to expect this to be a great historical book but I think the author was intending it to be more focused on the murder and romance, as opposed to all the finicky little details about the 'regal era'. I read it a while back, after downloading it onto my kindle and because I remember it as being quite a good book I began reading it again. I actually enjoyed it, the second time round as well! Fair enough, it isn't a piece of great literature or immensely intense historical fiction but for a light and easy read-this is the book! Not too much concentration required, it could be read anywhere and being a sucker for romance, it always leaves you feeling lighter and slightly giddy. The protagonist could be frustrating at times but I grew to like her, and understand why she was portrayed the way she was. Gavin was the mysterious, dark, handsome type but he did at times end up treating Alex like a bratty child. Overall, its a simply written, enjoyable read which I cannot rebuke for its lack of enough historical references because it wasn't aimed at that sort of audience. If you are looking for a highly intellectual read, this isn't the book for you. But if you're like me, and you just wanted some easy historical fiction to bury your nose into-then go ahead! I was not very impressed with this book, as it was terribly predictable and written in a style that one could find in a hundred other places. The romance was bland and unbelievable (you're really gonna tell me that Alex couldn't recognize the boy that she's grown up with, the boy she saw the night before because she couldn't see his face? Sure.) as it was clear from the moment that the guy walked in the door (literally) who Alex would end up with. All the wishy-washying around was just pretense. And as for the mystery? Please. The moment the perpetrator is introduced, you'll know who did it.The one saving grace was the friendship between the three girls, but even that was akin to hanging out with a group where everybody knows the inside joke but you. Wouldn't recommend the book unless there was absolutely nothing left to read.

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3.5. Clean romance. Actually, a good juvenile book. But the characters weren't very well developed.

Not at all like the author's other books, but actually kind of sweet for how innocent it is.


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